Children are shining stars this was exactly the case at the JCMO (Jesus Children Missions Outreach) Bodija, Ibadan Oyo state. It was a mixture of fun and learning at this venue, the smiles on their face and the happiness that exudes from them was priceless, from the little frank to blessing they were all joyous singing, clapping and enjoying the moment. It was one of those moments you cherish forever, moments that take your breath away and gives you hope for the African child.
It was beautiful event with lots of promise for the African child. the children showcased their talents ranging from singing, dancing and even public speaking. The children showed eagerness to learn and displayed their intellectual capabilities.
There was a career/motivational session with the children where several speakers shared their personal experience with the children, teaching them they can if they want to be, the only challenge on the way to success is themselves and they are to believe in themselves because in them lies greatness
Furthermore there was a spelling bee contest where volunteers amongst the children from various classes came out to participate in, it was a really educative and fun, words after words, till our winners emerged.


This was followed by recognizing the celebrants of the month along with one African child team members, which were Ebi, Pelumi and Jeffrey, the cutting of the cake followed
The donation of gifts and other items by OneAfricanChild to the JCMO house followed, these items were received by the patron of the house, who thanked OneAfricanChild for coming and encourage us to keep being the change we want to see. Then the closing prayer was rendered, followed by pictures with the children and team members…


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