A Nigerian Child

We see, we talk
Cries emanating from their hearts
Their bowels hunger for food
Their mind thirsts for greatness
We see, we talk

We see, we talk
Leaders of tomorrow
They watch their dreams die
With no one but regrets to cheer them on
Gradually their hope fades away
Taking their smiles along with it

We see, we talk
I want to be great, he screams
Just give me a chance, she cries
An ideal environment is all we ask for
Comfort and opportunities is all we need

We see, we talk
Our hearts is a clean sheet
Write upon it the message of love
Indiscrimination, peace and equality
Teach me my cultural heritage
And shield me from violence

We see, we talk
Our faith weakens
As we grow older, our hope diminishes
Will this become a norm?
Or this is just a phase
Any hope for the Nigerian child
We see, we talk…

These are cries of a Nigerian child screaming for help in country filled with uncertainties, terrorism and corruption. The question of what does the future holds lingers on their mind and all they can do is pray and hope the are giving the chance to live a normal life…

Ogunsanya Tosin


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