Victoria Ibiwoye is a social entrepreneur. I live to fill a need to my excellent capacity. As there is often no giving without receiving, all around, i see the beauty of Africa. There are resources which i invest in, so as to change more of the world i see need to be shifted, especially in Africa.

I live to practice daily compassion so that giving has now become my lifestyle rather than a mere hobby. I enjoy listening to others as they will be the ones i will influence. It is my believe that if you listen carefully, you will learn how to compel others to see the world you imagine.

I like to laugh a lot! When you are happy, others will follow. This magnetic attraction brings help because you will need lots of help if you are really going to change the world. Why not have fun in doing your daily deeds of difference making?

I have come this far because i live to respect my elders, they are a well of inspiration to draw from. Above all, my life is lifted with a great purpose because of my faith and trust in God. I have peace of mind to know that God has got by back in all i do.

All these describe me in detail and my purpose of existence. We are change makers and we welcome you to our world.




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