PASSION- The needed driver towards a fulfilling destiny…

The first set of drivers in life are Mothers, they drive us almost through our years of childhood. However, PASSION drives us through out lifetime towards fulfillment.

The fourth most prolific inventor in history, Thomas Alva Edison wowed the world with his momentous findings; the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long lasting practical electric light bulb. The American inventor also called the “Wizard of Menlo Park” has a story which is termed as inspiring and used by motivational speakers of all times. The story of his invention of the electric light bulb reached its climax when it was reported that he tried over 6000 different carbonized plant fibres, looking for a carbon filament for his light bulb. Trying for six thousand (6000) times epitomizes a passion driven man at work with sole goal of providing a lasting solution to the problem of darkness. Passion is that gentle voice that tells you that you can soar high like an Eagle even when you don’t have a wing. His passion gave birth to the LIGHT BULB. A saying goes thus; “Necessity is the father of invention” but I would say that passion is the mother of invention. Inventions were conceived by great men after a successful intercourse between passion and necessity.

As the underdeveloped nation, Nigeria revels in the loch of Cetennial celebration there is a need for sober reflection as we chart a new course for sustainable change. What makes Nigeria an underdeveloped nation is the overwhelming presence of problems. These problems need pertinent solutions generated by great minds. Passion is needed in key sectors in order to have a developed Nigeria. The sectors include leadership, teaching, parenting, and entrepreneurial relations amongst many others.

According to the undying words of John C. Maxwell which says that; “Leadership is influence”. Leadership directly affects the growth of any organization. Great revolutionaries of all time; Martin Luther King Jnr, Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln amongst many others left footprints in the sands of time because they led with passion. Passion overshadows every trace of egocentricity and corruption. If our leaders are passion driven leaders and not position-oriented leaders then the country will experience tremendous growth in all sectors. If there are passion-driven teachers, they would go to any extent to impact and change lives and then we will produce more Nobel laureate winners and world changing agents. Youths will learn to follow their passion in life and aim to be the best in whatever they do. Take for instance the recent collapse of buildings in Nigeria depicts the dearth of zeal in workers to do an excellent job. There is a need to have passion as entrepreneurs and workers; passion to provide authentic goods and services to consumers. Family is the basic unit of the society; this is the place where leaders are made. There is a need for parents to show love in dealings with their children. Teach them the tenets of greatness with passion having the insight that saving a youth is tantamount to saving a generation.

In a nation where corruption is the order of the day, what more can I ask for than passion intoxicated individuals; passion driven leaders, teachers and workers. Passion for a significant positive change will lead us in the path of developed nations.

I ask for a PASSION driven pioneers, leaders and inventors in the cockpit of several initiatives as we are on course for a memorable expedition towards destiny.


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