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When people talk about Africa, sharing their own visions and their own thoughts, I try my best to listen and to understand. But however hard I try, I cannot understand. Not because what they say of Africa is worthless or weak in itself… Not because their words are not true… Not because they are not from Africa (even those from Africa are the same to me)… I cannot understand simply because of the eyes of mine I set around me. My heart is deeply in pain. I feel profoundly affected as I go searching for the lights along the street of that Africa.
Only desperation in the eyes of children embraces my soul and I my wounds grow deeper each time I come across frozen lips. On one side of the street, cups and plates are filled up whereas tables are as fertile as imaginations. Laughter burst under the spotlights and excess food fall from those endless but protected tables. But on the other, disasters of wars, bones, faded horizons, tears… That is the result of talking about Africa.
Africa is not a stranger of which a casual story can be told. Africa is not a piece of land. Africa is not a cake as described by History. Africa is not all those frontiers behind which people make themselves kings and queens over the ashes and tears and sweat and blood and hope and thoughts and will of the poor.
_-Africa has been suffering all the hurts and the injustice made possible by humans.
Wars, Famine, Politics, and Secret Societies have generated opportunities for great Nations to take advantage on people and resources of Africa. ALL-FOR-FOOD actions are initiated throughout the Continent and the populations owning the place are empovered while the strangers are empowered. Africa has been devastated and Africa will keep living that bitter struggle as long as Africa remains a notion or a piece of earth at anyone’s disposal. The world has made Africa mere statistics
_pygmee girlAt the time people wonder how they can properly react and bring back its dignity to Africa; our Motherhome becomes a weaker land, and we tend to regret those days when we were still living by nature. In those days when greatness, health, and wealth were not just words or theories. Smiles were true, sons were strong, daughters were proud.
Africa was not a collection of soils behind frontiers. So many families were divided by just one line. Though they still share the same family names and the same tongues, they are fighting each other; they are turning others into enemies and thus serving the interests of indoor and overseas administrators whose own families have one than what they want and need. Caring about people? That reminds me of Michael Jackson singing “All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us…” When did he realize? I still wonder.
_Politicians have made their Africa a furnace. Freedom is obtained with weapons and all sorts of violence. Bullets respond to smiles. More families are broken and so many mothers are losing their children. The “cake” is not big enough for all; and because it is very tasty, administrators are ready to shed blood, and spread fear and darkness to have the biggest part of it. Terrorism is not only conducted by Al Qaeda or Boko Haram. They are simple instruments indeed. They are just dark minds who have not yet understood the purpose of family. They are just people who are still to understand that whatever they start, they will never see it through. They are just blind people wandering in the darkness of their souls. There are so many positive tasks they can achieve and help build a world with suns that sing and moons that heal, and all that with that strong energy inside of them. Just by turning their incomprehensible and unjustified hatred into the simplest and easiest of all feelings: LOVE!

_yesKwame Nkrumah had a dream called Africa! Nelson Mandela had a dream called Africa! Numbers of leaders gave all they had to make Africa a dream. Egyptians dreamt of a world in which Africa would be the peak. They had everything needed to achieve that goal. They taught the world the basis and fundamentals of what is used, taught, and studied now as Science and Technology. Africa brought its light in the domain of Medicine. The resources of Africa are constantly building up the world. Africa is wealthy but not healthy. Africa is beautiful but pitiful. Because Dreams have been promoted, but fostered to keep that initial form. The number of Organizations involved in development has increased, and the number of crisis has followed. Poverty and misery are getting fat. Villages are left for dead and towns have become jungles in which humans are hunters and preys. “I am afraid of this place. I don’t want to grow up here.” My younger age used to tell me. But I am still here, because there has always been that other small voice telling me, that one day these conditions will change.

OneAfricanChild is the Initiative which made that small voice come alive. Here is the spring of the Future! All the dreams our leaders and heroes had did not go through to come true, because Youth was still a spearhead. We are not at war anymore. We are no longer chasing or hunting something. For all that we search dwell inside each of us. Throwing a spear will not take us to the wonderful future we long to see. Whereas walking together, no matter where we are from, is the only way to touch perfection. USA, Nigeria, Kenya, India, and Cameroon are actively trying their best to put effort and ideas in common for the happiness of the only group of age which is the definition of Africa: CHILDREN. _OAC happy children
Children are the only guarantee of Future! Any action taken without them can only lead to a short-term smile. I am OneAfricanChild, because I am Africa! The major question to be asked is: WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO? The answer may seem very difficult when we start thinking of a suitable one. Yet if we do not think and simply start to go ahead, we will be THERE on time and with all Pride and Dignity!
Nobody can change the world! And even if he was given a year for each human being on Earth, he would hardly change all the members of his own family. People permanently fail to achieve their goals because they want others to reflect their dreams. It is very positive to have thousands of followers, but what are they aiming? Are they following a person pursuing a dream? How long can somebody follow a notion? Will that notion survive after the death of that leader? What if the leader abandons his fight halfway?
_#IamAfrica is a call from each one’s soul. It is the child inside each of us who is urging us to start the change at our own door. If each one makes himself positive, the whole of Africa becomes positive! Africa is us! We are the children! Children are the future! Let us not forget our roots! We are not from the 400 years of Slavery! We are not from the eras of Imperialism! We are not from Apartheid or Racism! WE ARE FROM CHILDHOOD! There is our final destination! A world of happy adults is a plane, whilst the world of happy children is a plain. Adults want to divide, but children want to invite. We are all children; that is why we are just OneAfricanChild. That is why we are Africa!

Let us widely share and spread #IamAfrica. The wonderful life of children depends on us.


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