We came to life one day, starting our journey in this world from second zero. We cried, because we were leaving the warm and quiet, and also peaceful home of ours, to jump into the world of humans where we would have to dance with roses. Beauties as soft as petals combined to sorrows as hard as thorns. That is the wonderful side of life. And that is what we would experience throughout our lifetime. As babies, the only moment we enjoy is when people promptly and tenderly take care of us. If they don’t, we will cry until we are satisfied; and though we are, we often keep the cry loud for them to know they don’t have to let us cry anymore. Wherever and however we come to life, we cannot grow up without help. No baby can grow alone and become an adult, because much love and patience required can only be found in the heart of the person seeing the baby through.



Standing on our two is a very crucial moment. It is the moment when we start our effective quest in discovering our world indeed. That is the exact moment we start experiencing our own pains, and also the drawbacks of pains we cause to others. We learn (at our costs) the difference between the good and the bad. Sometimes (and very very often) what adults consider bad simply means good to us… until we become old enough to accept that is bad. In the meantime, we will have discovered tastes, colors, styles, shapes, and several other discriminating factors of life. Only strong love permanently offered to us can make us remain on the good side of life and walk tall wherever we appear.



Naturally we always want to see ourselves in our early days and experience our first steps from an older age. We want to give as much love as we received and even more. The babies we make are the stories we wrote in unawareness. They help us measure the amount of love and patience we generated in others’ lives, thus making us understand all it took to make us be who and what we have become. If somebody believes he did not receive love on his way, a baby is there for him to give all the Love he has to avoid the newborn to suffer the same pain. But he has to keep in mind that a more bitter pain will come if he refuses his love in his turn.



Whether we have children or not, nature has so much of them we come to meet each day of our life. Be it our neighbors’ or streets’, there are so many children out of our homes needing our love as well. If we are able to love them the same way we love our own children, we will teach them more love than they will have ever learnt from their parents. They will acquire greater values and they may spread the wings and extend it above and beyond their restricted environment. The feeling of loneliness will no longer be experienced by a child in this world.



On the way to maturity, we tend to lose or ignore our childhood. We sometimes seem to forget we are still people’s children. Each and every person who took a second one day to talk to us, that single one can justifiably be our parent. And we still owe him the Pride and Happiness he deserves; that same Joy we need to feel when we look at our children, or when we simply hear their names. If we are “nobody’s children”, we are nature’s ones. As such, we owe life beauty and harmony. At the end of the day, the same question shall be asked: “Whose child was he?” The intention is never to know the father or the mother. In fact, it is more an exclamation than an interrogation! What we do in the course of our journey determines the children we are!
The five children described above are a simple illustration of our endless childhood. We never grow old though we evolve to mature ages. Our permanent search for love is similar to children’s own, and all the dreams we have cannot come to our direct reality if we do not set a child’s eye on them. To achieve all great things on earth, we must remain children.
– A child does not judge: if you give him one coin when he wants two, he will thank you with a true smile.
– A child does not hate: you can beat him ten times and eleven times he comes to you.
– A child is a child: when he has a dream, it is not because he cannot sleep. It is simply because he is the dream.
When we celebrate Children’s Day, it is Humanity’s Day that we are truly celebrating! It is a gentle reminder of WHO we truly are. Because we lose so much of our innocence all along the days, that special Day is meant for us to refill our soul and heart with all due Love and Purity, and recover from the “guilt of maturity”. Let us not only look at this day like that of those young ones we call children; we are making them smile because of compassion or parents’ love. We share Happiness with children, because they teach us how we ought to be for life to become wonderful. We share Happiness because we are grateful they keep showing us the right way despite our constant wrong actions towards them. We are using them to:
– fulfill some political achievement,
– gain money or recognition,
– satisfy immoral desires,
– justify budgets…

A child is the only person who is dreaming of a world where everybody is playing in the same place and having real fun. A child is not dreaming that he is driving a car, he simply dreams of a happy walk hand-in-hand with his friends. That is exactly what we should start as lifestyle from today on. Let us go out of all those things inside and behind which we are hiding ourselves, and which separate us from perfection. Because we do not want to make efforts, we pretend that perfection is a myth. Are children a myth?

To be forever young, you have to be a child; from birth second to last breath.

HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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