Once upon a time, there was a young farmer and a seed, the seed was kept in the bag of the farmer. The dream and the craving of the seed were to see light and so it crept through a hole from the farmer’s bag and fell to the ground. The seed was happy and it screamed; ‘YES, I made it, I can see light and it is bright over here’. The joy of the seed was short-lived by the stormy wind as it blew mounds of sand dunes and covered up the seed. The seed was in utter gloom, sad and depressed. The heavens wept along sending a heavy downpour of rain to the land as it drove the seed deeper into the earth. The earth trembled and shook to its very foundation as the earthquake fostered the descent of the seed. The seed went deeper into the earth crust than it could imagine as it began to hum songs of regret and lament about the comfort of its former abode; the farmer’s bag. The seed found itself amidst, fossils, metals, bones as it languished in the valley of gloom.


Soon the seed began to grow roots which went deeper into the soil to get nutrients, the seed became sadder saying; ’there is no light here, it is too dark’. And the day of reckoning finally came as the seed sprouted into a small stem which found its way to the surface of the soil, grew taller and fatter until it was a mighty tree which served as a shelter for many and produced fruits in season and out of season for the hungry and the needy. The dream of the seed finally came to reality which soared beyond the cravings of see a light to becoming a necessity for everyman who wanted food and shelter.

The farmer’s bag can be likened to the comfort zone we often find ourselves at one point in time or the other but like the seed to fulfill our dreams we need to strive out of many seeds to make a difference. When life runs at you with its challenges, tribulations and trials like a gust of wind, do you weep like the seed or you smile knowing that for every gain there is pain. The deeper the seed went, the higher its chances of getting access to more nutrients and the deeper the roots of the seeds only made the seed more formidable. In the walkways of life; mistakes, disappointments and failures has a way of dressing us up with the necessary costumes which fits snugly into the big picture of the future. In life, most times what seems to be the end might just be a bend and the crudest of all can be shining as gold after going through the fiery furnace of challenges. The greatest of men are made in the crucible of experiences. Dreams come true just like the dream of the seed, so feel free to dream big, let your dreams come out of the gleeful clime of the norm as you dine with the greats on the lofty heights.

In the eternal words of Robert Schuller: “Tough times never last but tough people do”, the stormy winds of life will not last for eternity, the earthquake would only last for a few seconds and the heavens will stop crying and smile at you one day, only what is needed is a resilient spirit, a determined mind and a focused eyes on your goal. These will be more than enough to get you a ticket to the theatre of your dreams.


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