Introducing Praveen Kumar Yadav from Nepal


We are so delighted to receive support from young people across Africa and beyond! This week, we are featuring our newest volunteer, Praveen Kumar Yadav from Nepal. He is volunteering with our media team. Find below a breif story on how he got engaged with us:

Dear OneAfricanChild,

I was born in an island like a village surrounded by the Koshi River in eastern part of Nepal. Thanks to the heavy flood that displaced my family when I was five, and they moved to another place where I was able to get education.
Born and brought up in a poor family in remote rural village, I could sense my parents struggling to send me to school as early as middle school. As pragmatic and simple village folks, they decided not to send me for further studies when I somehow finished high school. They wanted me to support my younger siblings to get a high school education.
Fortunately, there was teaching! I could teach in a private school and earn my way into college. The only obstacle was that it was not easy to physically move to a place where I could receive my own further education.
But somehow, my parents allowed me to let me move ahead, even though they did not see why I needed education beyond high school. I started at the primary level and moved up to high school as I advanced in my own education.


For some time during and after master’s degree, I switched to working for development agencies, serving organizations like Plan International, a child centered development INGO.

I traveled to the US and Thailand for conferences and professional development programs, and I could see making progress in that direction.


I myself have been the witness and victim both of social problems since my childhood. I grew my interest and passion to serve the marginalized community.

But such interests drove me further research into different opportunities that can enable, capacitate me and fulfill my desire to contribute to larger benefit of the society. During such search, I came cross Victoria’s message (founder of OneAfricanChild) featured on the web portal of Opportunity Desk ( I could learn about her, and her initiative to bring change in lives of African Children.
Coincidentally, I want to develop myself as a global citizen through my involvement in various sectors such as information technology, universal human rights and different causes and campaigns that not only help children and youths identify their potentials, but also empower them to realize their capacities.

I am not an African, but what I believe is, we are human first, then we belong to a race and region.

As I possess like-minded passion and eagerness to contribute to the marginalized community, I will support this initiative through effective communication, especially social media and blogging.  I shall also contribute through idea-pitching, documentation and project management.

In my opinion, young people are change agents of a society. But they can only become effective change agents when they are given proper care and their skills are built on. What young people are in dire need today is, soft skills development, and capacity building, leadership and their meaningful participation in community development.  If we are able to fulfill their needs, we can help them become better.
Would you like to support us? Send us an e-mail signifying your interest: Together, we achieve more.


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