Interview with Mlondi Praise Gabhisa #OneAfricanChild #SouthAfrica #oneafricanleader

OneAfricanChild has evolved to become a very large and strong Family worldwide, and in the process of building a wonderful world for our children, the Foundation relies on committed ambassadors whose permanent and passionate task is to make sure that the Dream comes true.

Today, we are in South Africa with MLONDI PRAISE GABHISA whose undying smile is a pure heavenly breath. Having been asked five questions about OAC and personal interest:

  • How you came to be involved with OAC?
  • What is your personal drive?
  • What is your vision for South Africa?
  • What is your vision for Africa?
  • What do we need to care for young people/children?

he responded with heart and soul. Let us have a moment with the words from the depths of an African Child. “Before I go further let me start by passing my gratitude for letting me become one of the OneAfricanChild ambassadors, which is something I adore. I really appreciate the way every member welcomed me with warm hands.

1. First I saw OAC page on facebook, then I read what it was all about. I got touched, because it was always in my heart; so I saw it as an opportunity. I had to do an assessment that took two weeks, if I’m not mistaken, whereby every single day had a task. Then after finishing those tasks, I was given a certificate that said I was a full member of OAC.

2. What drives me to do this or to be part of this amazing continual thing, it’s the fact that we are doing it for the up growing kids, so it is a good feeling because I get a chance to interact with kids. No one did it for us, and it helps me to be a bigger or responsible man in future (know how to keep my kids happy when I’m around them). Beside it’s amazing experience working with other members from other African countries united.

3. My vision for SA is to see OAC getting recognized as one of the “top or successful NGO’s” in the country, so that’s one thing that pushes me or that keeps me focused. I always remember this quote from one famous leader Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, that quote is one other thing that pushes me I will only rest the day I see this happening.

4. “It takes one person to change the world” that’s Myles Munroe quote. My vision for Africa is to see all African countries being united, not this thing we experience in today’s generation; but it takes one person to do that, then everyone will follow in that vision if its a legit one.

5. Children are the future of the world, so for the whole world to have good people who have great plans, we need to make sure we look after kids nd show them a right path to take. Things will go accordingly. It’s a matter of looking at the outcome on the way forward, or thinking ahead of the whole process.”

Mlondi Praise Gabhisa, a man for the Family.
Mlondi Praise Gabhisa, a man for the Family.

As a man whose Faith in God is unbreakable, he shared this profound and relevant thought on January 24, 2015:

God is the only Master we know, the only Creator of the universe, and the only One who can heal our heart.

For Africa to be Free and Happy, it only takes a smile. A smile to a child. A smile to the next dawn. #lamAfrica #IamOneAfricanChild #GlobalCitizen


One thought on “Interview with Mlondi Praise Gabhisa #OneAfricanChild #SouthAfrica #oneafricanleader

  1. Mlondi what you’re doing is great….people are out there chasing money but you’re thinking for the next generation and for a better continent to live one..Thumbs up broe#Team_Mlondi#I am africa_#I am OneAfricanChild….really touched

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