About OAC Call-For-Volunteers Campaign #1africanchild #Africa #volunteers

I have always dreamt of working with young innovators from across Africa.

It is such a privilege for me to see young people with different paths but one vision, get engaged in activities aimed at attaining sustainable development beyond Africa and for the world.

Victoria Ibiwoye

Dears applicants,

OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning thank you for your massive response to the Call-For-Volunteers Campaign. You have shown great passion and devotion. It is amazing how young people feel concern instead of allocating their time to their hobbies.

You have applied from several countries in Africa and abroad. All your submissions have been thoroughly studied, and the greatest attention has been paid to each detail. Despite your urgent need to know whether you have been accepted or not, we had decided to take the necessary time to collect relevant information, to ensure the effectiveness of our collaboration. Working for, and with, children demands time, patience, honesty, and availability. It demands a strong vision and a powerful purpose, hence the procedure we have to follow.

All of you have been great in your description of the vision you have for OAC and children. We feel honoured you attach such importance to our activities. We have already walked a certain distance, and our positive growth is owed to the high level of seriousness and passion of our committed members. We are from many countries, and some of us have not yet met those from other parts of the world, but the work is continuous in a safe atmosphere. To pursue with that vision, we’ve had to select some of you. That was the most difficult moment of the day.

Sixty seven (67) applicants have been selected to start their journey in the heart of OneAfricanChild. You shall be contacted through mail, and further details will be asked. You have been chosen, because your profiles have been more than convincing, we expect the same output from zach of you. You will be introduced to the various Country Representatives, properly trained and invited to share your ideas and challenges. As a large happy Family, OAC promotes interconnection and respect. Not only what happens in somebody’s area or country matters; our concern go beyond our doors. We all unite for children, and our behaviour determines the width of their smile.

We thank you all and we greatly hope your action with OAC shall bring in Happiness to children, as we aim to make a wonderful world for them. We thank each one who took time to participate.

You are all blessed.

Miss Victoria Ibiwoye (middle)... the vision of a whole continent.
Miss Victoria Ibiwoye (middle)… the vision of a whole continent.

Victoria Ibiwoye, Founder of OneAfricanChild.


One thought on “About OAC Call-For-Volunteers Campaign #1africanchild #Africa #volunteers

  1. Thank you so much for the courage,from the very beginning of this journey up to this phase with such a tangible outcome hasn’t been easy for real. Surely, children needs proper handling and attention and with a caring heart and devotion not only by words but with actions too ….those kids en youths so in need out there needs a helping hand,they need committed souls-let’s show them we care.
    Wishing AOC success and fruitful endeavours in this challenging work world wide. May God lead.
    Thanks for the response.

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