Interview with Venny Thembi Dlamini #SouthAfrica #oneafricanleader #1africanchild #Africa

Emotions grow deeper whenever South Africa comes to our mind.
Rainbow NationIn the land of the Nguni people, the Venda people, the Sotho people, the Tsonga people… was born the OneAfricanChild Representative named Venny Thembi Dlamini, a lady who was meant to dedicate her life to children.
As she opens up her soul, we discover a very sensitive person. Her words describe her more that any introduction.

What were your dreams as a child?

As a child, my dream was that of a potent gospel singer.
The soothing lyrics that bounces off my tongue extend to release the tension held within. My passion for singing still undoubtedly exists as it emanates profoundly from my soul.
Having led a Praise and Worship Team at the age of 12 in my Church in 2005, the support that l earned from my brethren fascinated me tremendously, and my love for music increased.

Could you tell something significant you happened to do for a child?
In 2013, l prepensely liberated a child from his abusive parent’s home, by taking the helpless child to social workers. All driven by my philosophy that every child is significant and deserves to be loved and cherished.

What is the first word that naturally comes to your mind when you hear “Children”?
•Without protection from those around them, children (rich or poor), are frail.
I recently read a case of a poignant event which occurred in Cape Town, where a certain man (father of the child) repeatedly and consciously beat up his 2 years old daughter to death.
There is no way that the little girl could have successfully defended herself from her father’s cruel conduct. Hence the first word that comes to me when I hear the word “Children” is none other than “defenseless”.

How did OneAfricanChild get into your life?

OneAfricanChild got into my life in all honesty through its founder, Miss Victoria lbiwoye. l read so much about her selfless service and started communicating with her; from I afar felt her profound zeal for OneAfricanChild and African Children.

Why do you allocate such amount of time and hope to poor children and orphans?
I do so, because firstly I grew up under dire poverty and I am an orphan too. Hence l actuate myself to try and preclude others from the sting of pain, rejection and suffering in the best way l can. l drank from the cup of poverty, abuse and rejection, l can only try and reach out the best way l can, for what they feel is what l too felt, and l can precisely relate to the vulnerable children’s lives.

How do you positively impact lives around you every day?

I take a genuine interest in people around me to show them that l care. To the broken-hearted, l share my unique story with them and encourage them. It’s funny how at times one can find my room full of people who just come to open-up and ask for advice, some crying and in need of comfort. l sometimes pause and think, “was l meant to be a therapist”? But l really enjoy uplifting others and l don’t require them to uplift me back. l just strive to make and see others happy.
I share my stories of failures as well as successes.

Venny Thembi Dlamini, the Rainbow Queen.
Venny Thembi Dlamini, the Rainbow Queen.

Why do you believe in OneAfricanChild?
I believe in OneAfricanChild because of its mission, aims and its objectives as read ~ (Ps:/

There is something you can do for the future. What is that?
Learn to balance and manage my time. Understand my social obligations. Love my family and pursue passion and not fame and money.

Africa needs your country for the peace building process. Are you ready to be your country?

Absolutely. I am eager to do the best l can to build peace, eradicate poverty and rise above political, religious, and ethnic divides and take a tough choice in order to consolidate peace.

What has changed in your life since you joined OneAfricanChild?

Since l joined OneAfricanChild, nothing much has changed. However positive things from uplifting conversations that l have with the OAC leaders stimulate and challenge me to stand up and selflessly serve humanity. I am realizing how more of each other we are, as people and more, as Africans. OAC propels me to be an active community member and to regard myself as a Global citizen.

My goal in life is to be filthy rich: rich in adventure, in health, in knowledge, in laughter, in family, and in love.
Venny Thembi Dlamini

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Interview with Venny Thembi Dlamini #SouthAfrica #oneafricanleader #1africanchild #Africa

  1. ….so interesting. I love the feeling of being loyal and a help to others inspite of who u or they are.
    big up Dlamin

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