A few members of OneAfricanChild Foundation held a youth consultation to discuss innovative ways of reshaping aid to better serve humanity.The focus of the consultation was centered on Africa and its needs.

Members at work...
Members at work…

All four participants engaged in exercises such as sharing more about themselves and their communities through the ‘My People’ exercise.

Also, each participant shared various perspectives on how they see the African continent. From their contributions, one can tell the connectedness and zeal of young people to sustain the African heritage.
Members also conducted a brief survey where they met eight other youths, who shared with them the needs of their communities and where humanitarian aids should be directed, in order to resolve them.

For a healthy Africa
For a healthy Africa

Some of their contributions are listed below:
1. Eradication of Hunger: Banjo shared passionately about eradicating hunger. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2, he proposed more investment in agriculture as a means of ensuring food security.
2. Equal Opportunities for All: Francis expressed his desire to see humanitarian aid serving the needs of the people, especially the most vulnerable. He explained that, following due process will ensure equal opportunities for all. In line with this,another participant shared that, a good way to reshape aid is to ensure security of employment for individuals.
3. Investment in Education: Paul shared the need for active learning in schools. He stressed for more investment in quality education.

Better Tomorrow
Better Tomorrow

The right to education must be brought into the forefront in the action and concerns of the global partnerships for development in building a better world for present and future generations ~ Kishore Singh

Victoria Ibiwoye, founder of OneAfricanChild Foundation
Victoria Ibiwoye, founder of OneAfricanChild Foundation

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