Education is a powerful tool for global transformation. It open doors of opportunities for learners as they grow to become leaders and change agents of their communities.


OneAfricanChild is glad to support COBURWAS, a primary school based in Uganda with donation of books focused on Peace building.



COBURWAS is a nonprofit organisation which uses education as a means to empower young people to become socially responsible leaders and entrepreneurs as well as change agents within their communities and across Africa. The organisation has been able to help children realise their dreams through the construction of an innovative Nursery and Primary School in Kyangwali and a Youth Hostel Program in a nearby town allowing over 100 students to attend secondary school.


Children from COBURWAS

Other activities of COBURWAS include:
A peace program in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, organising conferences and workshops on leadership, non-violence communication, and many other projects operated by its various branches.


OAC is glad to reach out to more children under the platform of COBURWAS. More is achieved when resourced are pulled together to achieve a common goal.

OneAfricanChild is grateful to Generation Change (initiated by the U.S Institute of Peace) for making it possible to collaborate with COBURWAS.


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