Voices of Young Nigerians on Independence Day

October 1 of every year marks the independence day of Africa’s giant country, Nigeria. On this day, OneAfricanChild made a visit to Jumpstart Academy (JSA) situated in Bodija, Ibadan. JSA is an after school founded by Ms. Omotola Akinsola to give community students better opportunities as they grow through quality education and empowerment.
We covered the voices of some of the students of Jumpstart Academy during a community service event to mark Independence Day.

Vincent (Student of JSA)

OAC: What do you think about Nigeria’s independence day?

What I know about today is that it is the day Nigerian received its independence that is October 1, 1960 and today, we are celebrating the 55th year.

What are you doing on independence day?
I am joining other youth in rendering community service. Today, we’ parked some diets around the area, we cut the grasses in the neighbourhood, even inside JSA we have washed some chairs and plates.

Taiwo, Student

My name is Taiwo Taiwo, I’m a scholar of Jumpstart Academy and today is October 1, we are celebrating independence day. From the little I know about this day, it is the day Nigeria got its independence from British colonial. At Jumpstart Academy, our independence was celebrated through community service. We cleared the compound even to the street. We have three groups: Interior, Para-interior and Exterior. For me, I am in Group 3 Exterior, we are clearing the gutter. I am celebrating my independence well!

How do you think Nigeria can be better?
Nigeria can be better! Thank God we have Sir Muhammadu Buhari, he’s already doing something for us to achieve and for Nigeria to become a better place.


Hello Joseph, what do you think about Nigeria’s independence?
Nigeria’s independence indicates that Nigeria is a great country and I believe that in the next 15 to 20 years, Nigeria will be better than it is now.
What will you do to make Nigeria a better country?
Like what we are doing now, this is community service and it is to make Nigeria better. I have started by playing my own little part.


We are celebrating our 55th anniversary today and it’s a good thing to be part of it. We are doing our part to make our immediate community better than it was. Physically, we are clearing this place but at the same time, we are building the skills to work in a team and to be able to give back to the community. Happy independence day Nigeria, God bless Nigeria!


What is your view about Nigeria’s independence Azuka?
I think Nigeria is actually moving forward. We cannot get there at once so we have to move step by step. The developed nations did not get to be that way in a day, I believe we are closer.

Bira, Student

The little I can say is that Nigeria is really developing. If we consider other countries within Africa to Nigeria, we’ll see that there’s a great difference, especially with our security level. Even when people are saying that the government are not giving their best. We the citizens, we have a big role to play to achieve that too. We don’t need to leave everything to the government because if we continue to say “government here, government there”, the development won’t be rapid. In order to make it faster, we have to give our own efforts too.


Nigeria at 55 is a joy that I cannot keep within me, I give thanks to God for today and may God help our leaders and give them the capacity to lead us to where we need to be.


First of all, I am happy to be a Nigerian. Also, I think Nigeria at 55 is worth celebrating because we are actually moving forward as we expected our leaders to do. We finally have a different government in our country has we have been looking forward for years. Now that we have our president, he is trying to move the country forward to a great nation and we also at Jumpstart Academy, we also are trying to do all we can in our environment. We encourage all Nigerian citizens to put in their best in doing what is expected of them. Today, we are engaging ourselves in community service. We are doing what we are expected to do, far beyond our territory. If we can also do this as citizens, Nigeria will be a great nation. If we can make a great change in our community, we can also make a great change in our family, in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Mr. John Sonto, Tutor
Today marks Nigeria’s independence for 55years. I will say from the perspective of an Academician that in 55years we have gotten to a very far point where we’ve gotten to learn everything about nothing in our academic sector because 55 years old and we still have our academic sector the way it is, I’m not sure we’ve really done well for a 55 year old person. The progress in the education sector is not where it should be, which means we’ve not been doing a great job. I will say if we are marking this independence every year like we used to, it is like growth without development in the area of education. I’m looking at ten years time where we’ll celebrate development in academics and education sector rather than just ageing.





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