October 1st is the Independence day of Nigeria and also the United Nations International Day for Aged People.

To commemorate this day, One Africa Child Foundation in collaboration with Dreams from the Slum Initiative organized a special timeout with 103 underprivileged children living in Araromi Community of Ajegunle in Lagos.


The timeout was tagged Children, Education and Patriotism as the children were taught extensively on why they should embrace peace at their tender age.


One of the kids by name Grace Aruwayo said

“I do not like Boko Haram, and I don’t like how they kidnap children too.”

They were further edified as Omoyele Isaac Success (Founder, Dreams from the Slum Initiative) shared from the Kiddies ROR book, giving them reasons not to engage in fight, stealing and other wrong activities.


According to him, early education is important as children grow, so that when they are older they will become great citizens of this great nation.

Also, Tobi  Bamuyiwa (Director of OneAfricanChild Foundation, Lagos State Chapter) explained that one of the core  objectives of OAC is to give access to quality education for children in every community.


The children residing in Araromi community are very passionate about education and optimistic about the future. They are in lack of writing materials, school books, uniforms, shoes and other basic needs.

“The parents in this shanty need orientation and sensitization on the importance of education. We want their children to outlive their parents.” ~ Isaac Success

Mr. Isaac also shared with One African Child about a mini library in which their organisation is about to set up in the shanty. He stated that it would make the children in the community concentrate more and develop a better reading culture.

As part of One African Child’s #BackToSchool Project, learning materials were donated to the children to better educate them on how to be active and responsible citizens in their community.



Taking a glimpse across the canal just behind this community, I see the divide between two worlds in one city. While live goes on on one end, it is another story at the end of the city.
The children of this community are the ones whose voice are often unheard. We are glad that OAC is giving an opportunity for young people to dream again and realise their purpose ~ Victoria Ibiwoye



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