World Heart Connect Movement

This week we happy to share about a new initiative launched by a member of OneAfricanChild Foundation, Ms. Lola Odeniyi, Founder of World Hearts Connect Movement (WHCM).


WHCM carried out its first project on the 8th of October 2015 with the theme “Mailing God”. This project has blessed the lives of over 100 kids who were taught about strengthening their relationship and communication with God so that they can grow up to be responsible and fulfil the purpose of God for their lives.


Ms. Odeniyi was inspired by the movie ‘Letters to God’. Her desire is to bring young people closer to God and realise the true purpose for their creation. Part of the project implementation was the distribution of free Bibles, and provision of mail boxes in schools to encourage the kids to write to God on anything bothering them and then we return to their schools to address these mails (in strict confidentiality).


This program was held in a primary and secondary in Okwuzi community in Rivers state. 

Lola Odeniyi:

I really can’t begin to explain how God moved in this program. From the worship and prayer session with the kids, to the interactive session, to the movie session (where the kids watched an animation on the love of God), to the Question and answer session, to the games, to the edibles, to the Bible distribution and much more, IT WAS PACKED!

These kids were so excited and many of them didn’t want to go home even after the program, we were on with pictures and more pictures. 
Basically, we not only felt the love of God move but He stayed with us and still is.




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