Celebrating Lola Odeniyi on her birthday

Today, January 27, is a day to celebrate the birthday of one of us – a committed and diligent member of OneAfricanChild Foundation, Lola Odeniyi.

Lola has been so invaluable to our organisation. Words alone cannot describe how much of a blessing she has been to us.

We want some members of OAC to do the talking today and share with the world their encounters with Lola in few words.

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Rene Ndebi – Lola, first of all I see her as a sunshine, a smile that turns any sadness into blooming season. Secondly she’s like a junior sister to me; one I’m sure my late mum would’ve loved shelter in her wombs. A passionate woman whose greatness only has limits where time ends. L.O.L.A. = Love Only Love Always!

Chinyere – Okay where does one start to describe someone with a tiny frame, and a big heart?
A lady strong, not because of what her belly consumes, but because of her rich spiritual diet of faith, grace and Love.

A soul given out to serve and not be served?

How do I describe a friend like Omolola, and not get personal, with one who has been a blessing in my life?

That’s a difficult task, more like rocket science. But thank God for days, such as today, to celebrate a gem in my world.

Happy birthday to our very own Lola Odeniyi!

Bisola Adewale – ‘To a friend turned sister. Her passion for change and a better society inspires me. Her genuine love and concern for people is to be admired. She is a role model and I love her very much.’

Uju Silver – Nkem, is one of the brightest minds I have met. Her dedication and passion for service is an amazing quality. I remember our conversations and how passionate she is to effect change. Happy birthday Nkem. Much love

Habeeb Kolade – It’s so beautiful seeing woman go beyond the claim of entitlement to forge their own paths and affect positively, the lives of the people around them. Lola has not only proven in words that she has the undying passion to inspire progress among the people around her, but has acted in line with her passion. In a world full of noise, people like Lola taking courageous steps towards making progress are models for the society. I am honored to have worked with Lola both in One African Child and My School Podcast. She remains an inspiration to us all, in character and resilience. And I am learning a lot from our relationship in these areas. Happy birthday, Lola. Wish you the best, now and ever.

Tobi  Bamuyiwa  – Lola is a spirited lady.
She has a good heart with eyes that see past her glasses and hands that stir waters to sail a great ship called one African child foundation.
She’s gentle and welcoming. An example for others to follow when it comes to diligence, fellowship and spirituality.

Folakemi Olowu –  Lola is a sweet soul,a happy jolly going person.she is friendly and has a heart of gold….she is lovable and always ready to work.

Pemi Lawal – The word “sweet” describes Lola in every way. She is a great friend and sister. She is diligent, hardworking, creative and principled. She has a lot of love in her, and she does not hesitate to spread it. She has a Big heart and a Beautiful Smile. When I’m around Lola, I am always excited, she just has that effect on people. Most importantly, her relationship with God is inspiring. Lola is a Modern Proverbs 31 Lady in Flesh.

Paul Alasiri – Lola Odeniyi is a prayerful woman full of life and zeal to do whatever that’s good. I love the fact that she can go all out to stick her head for you if you’re making impact. I love the fact that she loves her fitness life and takes it serious.

Emmanuel Okeneye – A great friend,caring and awesome lady. Lola is full of life,amazing and compassionate abt improving lives. She has been part of lots of sucesses and had great impact in her own little way.I have known her a short while but I’m those periods I can say she deserves more. I wish her the very best of her new age. Happy Birthday.

Kachi  – I actually got into the Great Fam of OneAfricanChild through Lola Odeniyi, She is a Lively, God-fearing and awesome lady and has an energetic personality made up of Determination, Charisma and Smiles and I’m proud to be associated to her. Happy Birthday dearie, The sky is just the starting point, Live Long and Prosper.


Samuel Osho  – My first encounter with Lola was on the soft and invisible pages of Facebook; her posts were always inspiring and insightful. My love for writing led me to her blog, www.belifteddotme.wordpress.com for a big treat. The blog is a true reflection of the greatness that lies in the bossom of Lola.

After years of existing as a distant admirer and fan, I had the privilege of meeting her one on one at one of OAC meetings in 2014 and we have being great friends ever since. Her humility and respect in her dealings with others is worthy of emulation. She is a woman of many parts who has a big heart not only for children but also for God – the main reason I was not surprised when she told me about World Hearts Connect Movement (WHCM).

Happy birthday to you, Lola Odeniyi! May God multiply His grace upon your life and enlarge your coast in Jesus name. Greater days ahead for you.


From all of us at OneAfricanChild Foundation, we are saying Happy birthday to you! We love you and we wish you many more years in fruitfulness and happiness!

Enjoy your day!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Lola Odeniyi on her birthday

  1. My buoyant family. Filled with Grace and love. Words can’t begin to express how I feel right now. Tears fill up my eyes with Joy but above all I am grateful for the kindness and sweetness. You guys keep me looking forward and standing tall at the same time living humble. God bless you all for me in Jesus name!

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