Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016

More than ever,  women continue to contribute to social and economic development of their communities. How much more preparing our girls early to be the best for themselves,  their community and the society at large?


OneAfricanChild Foundation is committed to training and creating opportunities for girls to learn and be included in social transformation. We believe in training a girl child to influence a nation positively.


Life starts with the smile of a woman, grows with the care and Love of a woman, gains experience through the passion of a woman, shelters hope thanks to a woman, and owes a woman Beauty and Peace.


There is always a small voice, inside each of us, telling we are wonders and treasures; that undying harmony, turning differences into diversity and teaching us the night is a sweet step to the dawn, is the breath of a woman ~ René Ndebi (OAC Cameroon)


Today we celebrate girls and women from across the globe. Happy International Women’s Day!!!


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