If you are passionate about community work, you have the drive to seek change in your community and you are ready to learn new leadership skills via volunteering, then OneAfricanChild Foundation may just be the right place for you.
Distance is not a barrier, we have about 120 volunteers in four different African countries who are doing amazing works and taking their place in their respective communities as change makers.
OneAfricanChild Foundation exists to train young people on Global Citizenship Education and Peace building so that they can grow to become active agents of change in the society. Through our empowerment programs, we ensure the sustainability of the leadership experience necessary for our beneficiaries to partake in the transformation of their communities and the world.
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to educate and empower young people with knowledge and skills necessary to address socio-economic issues and to contribute to positive change in Africa and beyond.
Eligibility requirements:
We are looking for committed volunteers who will dedicate a substantial amount of time towards our online and field projects.

Volunteers must be willing to learn and share their leadership experience with the communities we work with.

Volunteers must be responsible citizens. They must act at all times in the best interest of the organisation.
The banner of Hope.
You can follow the link below to fill the Volunteer’s form; it can be done in less than five minutes.
Make use of this golden opportunity to broaden your horizon and add to your skills set.


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