OneAfricanChild is a non profit initiative founded primarily to aide children on the African soil into realising their true identity and place in the society they belong.
We serve by executing community projects that seeks to educate and transform the lives of children. We help children build on their physical and mental skill, we believe that a sound generation is a powerful generation.


To export the beauty of the African Heritage to the rest of the world.

Mission :

To educate and empower young African leaders.

Aims and Objectives:

We run our activities based on the following objectives:

1. Our primary aim is to build the largest network of young leaders who will create a positive a  and lasting legacy in their endeavours.

2. To use education as a powerful tool to teach children true liberation and success in their journey through life.

3. Looking into areas where change is relevant in our society and contributing actively to making a positive difference.

4. To provide young leaders with opportunities to grow intellectually and explore their creative skills.

5. Teaching children to live a life of purpose and meaning through service to God.

6. Providing substantial resources during community projects that will be highly resourceful to helping children acquire new and improved skills.

7. To be an advocate for children suffering from child’s domestic violence and other physical and mental abuse of all kinds.

8. To teach the beauty and pride in embracing our culture and how it can be used as An instrument to promote unity and peace –

9. To instil high self-esteem and promote collectivity amongst children.

10. To make OneAfricanChild a global village connecting all of Africa in making a real difference through service.

Victoria Ibiwoye
Founder of OneAfricanChild

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