Ikorodu Oral Hygiene Project

Our teeth are some of the most important tools in our body. Not only are they useful for biting, cutting, chewing and grinding food items, but are also important for the proper articulation of speech and for showing our happiness to the world, through smiles.
Therefore, it bears repeating, as many times as possible, that the teeth should be properly maintained to avoid decay and other ailments like aches and cavities.

The above is the summary of the message the One African Child Foundation, in partnership with Love Out Loud Africa, took to the city of Ikorodu on Saturday, the 23rd of July, 2016, in a programme tagged: The Oral Hygiene Project. The project which was held at Butterfly Estate, Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos, had about 35 children, between the ages of 4 and 13, in attendance.

The Programme featured talks on general hygiene and dental hygiene. There were also video shows on the proper way to brush and the need to maintain good hygiene, games, question and answer session, evaluation, presentation of gifts and photographs. The different sessions were facilitated by volunteers with the training manual developed by Love Out Loud Africa.

The talk on Dental Hygiene explained to the children the need to keep their teeth in good condition by brushing regularly and avoiding excessive intake of foods that could damage them. The different types of teeth (molars, premolars, incisors and canines) and their functions were explained to the children. The talk on General Hygiene, on the other hand, encouraged the children to maintain good personal hygiene by washing their hands and having their baths regularly. They were also encouraged to be good ambassadors of their environments by disposing dirt properly and picking up those left behind by others, when they can.

To further drive home the points elucidated in the talk, there were video shows on how to properly take care of the teeth. Afterwards, there was a quiz competition which served as an energizer for the children.

The programme ended with the distribution of toothpastes and toothbrushes to the children and an evaluation of the programme. In the course of the evaluation, many of the children expressed feelings of joy at being participants in the programme. Isibor Blessing said she learnt a lot about personal hygiene and how important it is to take good care of oneself. Emmanuel Nwachukwu said he enjoyed the game on States and Capitals and he learnt the importance of keeping the environment clean. When asked to state what they will do differently henceforth, Zakari Jemilat said she will try to pass on the knowledge she acquired to other children while Obidike Blessing said she will encourage her parents to take her to see a dentist.

The Dental Hygiene Project which the One African Chid Organization organized with financial support from Love out Loud Africa, is another step towards the actualization of both organizations’ dreams to see healthy and empowered African children who will be at the vanguard in the quest to raise Africa to greater heights.

One African Child and Love out Loud Africa thank the many volunteers who, through their devotion and labour of love, made the event a success. Volunteers everywhere are encouraged to keep shining the light in their different domains by being proactive in solving societal challenges.


About OAC Call-For-Volunteers Campaign #1africanchild #Africa #volunteers

I have always dreamt of working with young innovators from across Africa.

It is such a privilege for me to see young people with different paths but one vision, get engaged in activities aimed at attaining sustainable development beyond Africa and for the world.

Victoria Ibiwoye

Dears applicants,

OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning thank you for your massive response to the Call-For-Volunteers Campaign. You have shown great passion and devotion. It is amazing how young people feel concern instead of allocating their time to their hobbies.

You have applied from several countries in Africa and abroad. All your submissions have been thoroughly studied, and the greatest attention has been paid to each detail. Despite your urgent need to know whether you have been accepted or not, we had decided to take the necessary time to collect relevant information, to ensure the effectiveness of our collaboration. Working for, and with, children demands time, patience, honesty, and availability. It demands a strong vision and a powerful purpose, hence the procedure we have to follow.

All of you have been great in your description of the vision you have for OAC and children. We feel honoured you attach such importance to our activities. We have already walked a certain distance, and our positive growth is owed to the high level of seriousness and passion of our committed members. We are from many countries, and some of us have not yet met those from other parts of the world, but the work is continuous in a safe atmosphere. To pursue with that vision, we’ve had to select some of you. That was the most difficult moment of the day.

Sixty seven (67) applicants have been selected to start their journey in the heart of OneAfricanChild. You shall be contacted through mail, and further details will be asked. You have been chosen, because your profiles have been more than convincing, we expect the same output from zach of you. You will be introduced to the various Country Representatives, properly trained and invited to share your ideas and challenges. As a large happy Family, OAC promotes interconnection and respect. Not only what happens in somebody’s area or country matters; our concern go beyond our doors. We all unite for children, and our behaviour determines the width of their smile.

We thank you all and we greatly hope your action with OAC shall bring in Happiness to children, as we aim to make a wonderful world for them. We thank each one who took time to participate.

You are all blessed.

Miss Victoria Ibiwoye (middle)... the vision of a whole continent.
Miss Victoria Ibiwoye (middle)… the vision of a whole continent.

Victoria Ibiwoye, Founder of OneAfricanChild.

Interview with Ray Ndebi #OneAfricanChild #Cameroon #Africa #oneafricanleader

“The pride of a son is his mother’s smile. It is not everyday that one has the opportunity to see the face of Harmony, but it is every second that one has the chance to make it real.” Ray Ndebi, OneAfricanChild.

On our way to meet our various Country Representatives, we are passing through Cameroon where we shall have a talk with RAY NDEBI. His commitment is an example of faith and hard work.

Five questions, we ask him, reveal the depth of his conscience.

  • How did you come to be involved with OAC?
  • What is your personal drive?
  • What is your vision for Cameroon?
  • What is your vision for Africa?
  • What do we need to care for young people/children?

1- December 2013, I met Victoria Ibiwoye on Twitter. The same vision of children dancing in the heart of a rainbow made us hold each other’s hand. Victoria then told me about OneAfricanChild as an Initiative promoting Peace, Love, Happiness, and she requested my presence in the building of a wonderful world for children. There was not a choice to be made, for the call of a child is the call of God.

2- I Love Children. They are the only plain on earth where roses are always red and leaves eternally green. As a child, I used to tell my mother: “I’d give my soul to make a poor child smile.” I grew up in a poor area, where I encountered numerous issues as a teenager (poor/no education, drug addiction, violence, abuses of many sorts, crimes…). Poor children always being involved. I witnessed children’s struggle on a daily basis, I saw them dying in the “battlefield”. And most importantly, I saw families being destroyed because of children not being educated. I told myself:”In the future, rich or poor, I shall dedicate my life to children.”

3- Cameroon is beautiful piece of Earth and wonderful land. History call it “the world in miniature”. But it has also topped corruption lists for years, turning the lives of citizens into a one way dead end. My vision is to see my country, Cameroon, as a happy home and a garden where children will‎ enjoy wealth and security.

4- I see Africa as the mother of humanity. As such, the continent deserves Respect and ‎Love. I see Africa as home from which populations will no longer run. Misery is gaining ground, and it becomes vital to stand and build a happy future with their own hands. I see an Africa where Children can have the opportunity to lead and make their soil fruitful. Children should have their word, for they are the future. My vision of Africa is place for the youth to be listened and understood.

5- Young people and children are an open book. All we need is to follow the way they show, and how they show it. The most important thing in success is How we get there rather than just getting there. We need to praise their importance by making them the core of all our actions; effectively involving them in the building process grants us the success of each enterprise. Children need Peace, and wherever they feel it they long to stay. If our children and our young people are dissatisfied with any of our steps, the best way to take care of them is to change our way and follow theirs. One thing is certain: whoever follows a child is never misled.

Ray Ndebi, man of faith.

OneAfricanChild Founder Attends Global Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenship Education

Ms. Victoria Ibiwoye, founder of OneAfricanChild, has recently attended Global Youth Advocacy Workshop on Global Citizenship Education (GCED). She was among 45 participants from 37 countries to participate in the five-day-long workshop organized by the UN Secretary General Global Education First Initiative and UNESCO MGIEP, from March 30 to April 4, 2015. The program was sponsored by Educate A Child and Geumjeong District of Busan Metropolitan City.

As a participant and inspirational speaker, she spoke on self-Identity and shared her expectations from the workshop. Please watch the video below to learn more about the workshop and GCED.

The second video contains the interview of the participants including Ms Victoria. Please check it out below, and get inspired by her thoughts.