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In the heart of Nigeria, shines a light that was born from the wombs of Mother Africa. The sense of Hope and Faith. That light is called Emmanuel Fada, a young leader and a 17 years old scholar of Jumpstart Academy, Nigeria. He is passionate about Writing and Drama. Emmanuel finds great pleasure in impacting lives of African children and youths. He desires to be an African leader, a resource person and an outstanding movie producer in the near future.

Emmanuel Fada, the vision of a young poet.
Emmanuel Fada, the vision of a young poet.

Emmanuel has a word from his soul, and he decides to share it with your soul. Here he goes:

The Voice of an African Child

I am confused… I am fed up…
How I wish papa could give this a stop
Though Mama tries and so hard
Having us just a meal per day, Oh how sad
For good clothings and shelter, I doubt if we will ever come across
I doubt tide ever helps carry this heavy cross
Well, this is our fate
Is there anything to celebrate?
In the humiliated lives of these eight to grow
Including my very self and the poor widow
We are subject to hate and baits
Seeking for freedom where derision reigns
Oh poor hands of mine, seeing off my sibling
That young life in the bed of sickness shivering
Oh, subconsciously I am echoing out my thoughts
(Sigh) I am not surprised at why Mama thinks a lot
I feel upon us
Poverty is like a curse
And blessing seems hollow nurse
But thanks to papa I learnt to yield grace
And I dug mud and earth for money to be raised
And my heart suffered as my siblings begged for food
When my mind was begging for school
I wait for the course of the wind to change
I hope today is the day before the change

Mama! Mama!
The fire has boiled the herbs well
We can now treat my sister
So that she will be well.

Emmanuel believes in simplicity and justice, and he knows, as a prophecy, that Africa shall rise again and stand strong. His word is a call. Do not listen to him, but listen to your own soul; you shall then understand the need of Africa. The need of a wonderful future for children. 


CHILDREN OUR FUTURE #oneafricanchild #children #literature #poetry #Africa

We see our future in the eyes of yours
The reason why we unite our efforts
For one day we were the children you are
And we are still dreaming of the same star
A wonderful world where you dance and sing
A happy Africa to stop crying
From today on we give you all our best
With our hopes and your dreams we make your nest
And with the line of your wonderful smile
Shall we build the roof of your merry while
You are the world we need to be happy
You are the blue heart of humanity




The pain at childbirth
The joy of the birth
It’s a girl the doctor said
The beautiful smile from her mother
The joyous expression from her father
The world welcomes this beauty

Little did she know that this world
Have little appreciation of her
That she’s just a passenger
No one told her all she had to go through
That she would be consider a weakling
Cos she would prefer dresses to short
That her toys would be dolls
Instead of cars
Cos she would cry when some one mistreated her
Instead of fight
That she would sit in the front of our class
And pay attention
Rather than sit at the back
And make noise
Even though she’s beautiful
She would be labeled ugly
Because some people wants to laugh

Growing up
Her teenage years will be filled with loads of decision
What to wear, at what time and to what place
And the punishment for her not getting pregnant
is a monthly rain of blood from her pubic area
And pain to accompany it
Little did she know that?
She would be labeled a nerd
If she dressed decently and her grades were up
And she keeps her till marriage
But when she indulges in sex,
Party with her friends
She would be consider a whore

When she finally gets into a relationship
All the guy wants is to get in her pants
Daily depositing his lies
To her fragile heart
And when she finally agrees
Her heart is broken
Her trust in men diminishes
And all she’s left with is lies
When Mr. Right comes along
Her past beckons
Her memories haunt
She accused of mistrust
Just because she refuses
To make the same mistake twice

She didn’t know she is a possible victim of rape
Just because some one can control his orgies
That walking home from her daily endeavors
She can be groped at the corner of a dimly lit street
By a strange man
Molested or raped just so he can fulfill his sexual cravings
And left for dead just because she is a woman
Or sexually harassed just because she is gorgeous

More surprisingly her workplace isn’t left out
She would be considered second fiddle
Because it’s a man world
She would have to walk an extra mile
In order to compete
Cos she’s believed to be weak,
Even her religion perceives her as a subordinate
Instead of being her own woman
The society she lives in judges her based on her gender
And her femininity stands as her greatest obstacle in life.

Every woman deserve our attention and protection, hidden behind those beautiful faces and smiles are tears, heartbreaks, insecurities, fears and societal limitations, they are no sex toys or weaklings, neither are they liabilities. They are beautiful, strong and fearless and after each tear there is a woman clinging on to the promise of hope and fighting daily for her voice to be heard in this cruel world.

Ogunsanya Oluwatosin

A Nigerian Child

We see, we talk
Cries emanating from their hearts
Their bowels hunger for food
Their mind thirsts for greatness
We see, we talk

We see, we talk
Leaders of tomorrow
They watch their dreams die
With no one but regrets to cheer them on
Gradually their hope fades away
Taking their smiles along with it

We see, we talk
I want to be great, he screams
Just give me a chance, she cries
An ideal environment is all we ask for
Comfort and opportunities is all we need

We see, we talk
Our hearts is a clean sheet
Write upon it the message of love
Indiscrimination, peace and equality
Teach me my cultural heritage
And shield me from violence

We see, we talk
Our faith weakens
As we grow older, our hope diminishes
Will this become a norm?
Or this is just a phase
Any hope for the Nigerian child
We see, we talk…

These are cries of a Nigerian child screaming for help in country filled with uncertainties, terrorism and corruption. The question of what does the future holds lingers on their mind and all they can do is pray and hope the are giving the chance to live a normal life…

Ogunsanya Tosin


Beautiful and strong
The peacock and the lion
Want to see everything
Have a taste of every thing life has to offer
But not wanting to suffer

Like the rose, beautiful are its petals
Strong as metals
The cradle of his years
The saddle which his life rest upon
As he paddle through the oceans
To determine his fate

He’s told in every corner
That his destiny in his hands
To make a stand
Fight all obstacles
Break free from all societal shackles
Face life head on
As he travels along

His path to destiny isn’t that far
But one you can’t see afar
Close to him
Yet miles away
Only his action could help
Persistence, determination and patience
Should be his friends
His relationship with hard work must know no end
Only then will his period of beauty will be put to proper use
And his old age devoid of excuses
Cos he’s youth though beautiful yet can bring about a pitiful end
If not managed wisely

Tosin Ogunsanya…