If there is one thing which should be considered as the root of Happiness, the basis of true and innocent smile, it is LOVE!
Love… Each time I think of it, my heart becomes heavy. Normally it should be light just like a petal flying over and over again by a blooming season. My heart is heavy, because LOVE is still a luxury in this world of ours. Love is still a categorised notion.
Earlier today, I went out in the street to get people’s advice on Love. It is very sad to realise that Love is reserved for some occasions.

– Have you ever said I LOVE YOU to your mother? I asked a man randomly chosen in a restaurant.
– No, he answered. I know that I love her and she knows it as well.
– Have you ever said it? I asked again. I had to insist on that.
– No. I’m too old for that and I feel ashamed just thinking of saying I LOVE YOU to my mother. I am not used to that.
– Well. Thank you sir.

I went out and I saw a beautiful lady chatting on the phone. before closing the call, she said “I Love You”. When I heard that, I decided to ask her a simple question.
– Hi! Excuse me Lady! I am a bit lost! Could you help me please?
– Hi! Sure! But hurry up please. I have to rush to… How can I help you?
– Have you ever said I LOVE YOU to your father and to your brother?
She was not expecting that one.
– What? Excuse me. I have no time for that.
She turned round and got into her car. A few seconds later she called me in.
– Why are you asking?
– Because I need an answer. I need your answer.
– No. I have never said it.
– But you just said it on the phone.
– It was my boyfriend. And it is different.
– How?
– It is just different.
– Ok. I can understand. Well, have a nice day.
– One minute please. And you? Has your sister ever heard from lips I LOVE YOU?

LOVE… the most beautiful gift humans ever received. What are we doing of it? Here is what we are doing of it.
We have reserved I LOVE YOU to people we believe “special” (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, suitor, fan). Because we believe that we are having something “different and special” with them. And to a certain extent, which is the reason we hide behind “shame” or “habit”, we place I LOVE YOU and physical pleasure in the same basket. That bad use of Love makes us deprive our parents and relatives with a unique pride no gift will ever replace. Even with our own children, we have the same behaviour; when they are still babies, they are covered with all our I LOVE YOU each and every minute. Once they grow older, we think they are old enough to understand that we love them. We can offer all the things they want, but we reserve our I LOVE YOU to our partner or to please a suitor… Our children only do what we teach them.

People tend to say “Love hurts”. I cannot go along with that, because they make Love a weapon, a means to achieve selfish goals. Love is pure and cannot harm. The key to Happiness is FREEDOM! A Heart is like a bird. If you let it spread wings and fly, you will never suffer; but if you give it a direction, a way to follow, you will suffer many wounds and you will never meet enough beauty to make you smile like a child.
Other people think Love has many faces, but they are wrong. Love has only one face. And it is a SMILING FACE. Saying I LOVE YOU means the same thing whoever is there to receive it. We have to say it to anybody without discrimination or perspective of interest of any kind.

Say I LOVE YOU to your neighbour, to your friend, to your family members. Do not think they already know. Let them hear it. Do not say “You know that I love you”, only those three words are enough: I LOVE YOU.

If we want tomorrow to be a better world, let us start by teaching our children how to let their hearts fly.

To all those who know me and those who have never heard of me, to everybody I LOVE YOU.