If you are passionate about community work, you have the drive to seek change in your community and you are ready to learn new leadership skills via volunteering, then OneAfricanChild Foundation may just be the right place for you.
Distance is not a barrier, we have about 120 volunteers in four different African countries who are doing amazing works and taking their place in their respective communities as change makers.
OneAfricanChild Foundation exists to train young people on Global Citizenship Education and Peace building so that they can grow to become active agents of change in the society. Through our empowerment programs, we ensure the sustainability of the leadership experience necessary for our beneficiaries to partake in the transformation of their communities and the world.
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to educate and empower young people with knowledge and skills necessary to address socio-economic issues and to contribute to positive change in Africa and beyond.
Eligibility requirements:
We are looking for committed volunteers who will dedicate a substantial amount of time towards our online and field projects.

Volunteers must be willing to learn and share their leadership experience with the communities we work with.

Volunteers must be responsible citizens. They must act at all times in the best interest of the organisation.
The banner of Hope.
You can follow the link below to fill the Volunteer’s form; it can be done in less than five minutes.
Make use of this golden opportunity to broaden your horizon and add to your skills set.


Habeeb is one of the founding members of One African Child when it was established in the largest town in West Africa, Ibadan. This is a successful attempt to share his success story since he graduated from the University of Ibadan (UI). Habeeb is a change maker and we are so proud of his lofty achievements.


I don’t know if I am in the best position to write this, as I still have some way to go regarding entrepreneurship. But I have been asked to share part of my story so far;

About 9 years ago when I was in SS2, I created TISA. I wanted a collection of young minds who were going to explore the world with me and create new stuffs. There was this general saying that Africans don’t make stuffs, that they only consume. I wanted to change that narrative and reach young minds who were willing to innovate and who could teach others too to innovate. We could create the world we dream of or we could keep on talking about it. The meaning of TISA was The Indomitable Super Achievers (lol… wherever that came from). My friend designed a logo and I printed forms. When I went to photocopy it at a local business centre, the woman looked through the form and was impressed. I told her about the project and she liked it. She asked about my school and said she would send her child there. I don’t know if she ever did. However, I was unable to move it forward as I wanted to.


I revisited TISA in my second year at University of Ibadan. With the help of some other friends, we developed Geniuses, a quiz competition modelled to help students solve real life problems. We also successfully made a visitation to a public secondary school where we held a short talk admonishing the students to innovate and choose careers that make them happy. We also donated books to their library.


Geniuses failed on the brink of success. We had made some excusable mistakes, much due to our naivety. But it was a great adventure after-all. However, as part of our failed bid to Google, we were to develop an app for Geniuses. From our failed bid, one of the team members felt we could work on the app independently, and he went on to create a new tech company which I am happy to be part of. There, we’re helping students learn better with the aid of technology. (

I tried again in 400L to make TISA work, but we were not really successful yet again. Our administrative structure did not really support our growth. So I took a pause on it and moved to concentrate on other things while I hope to get back to it later on.


In its stead, I created Market Ibadan Business Festival and with the help of IvoryConnect and a host of friends, we were able to do our first event during my final year. We were supported by several organizations such as CocaCola, Diamond Bank, One African Child, Shyld Initiative, so on. MIBF was created to bring together small, medium and large scale companies together to help facilitate economic growth in the country. We wanted to bring the world down to the city of Ibadan to witness the diversity and brilliance of our culture, commerce, craft and community.

We tried to do a second edition in 2015 but we failed. Our core team had scattered over the country for one important reason or the other. We hope to be back on this soon.


I’m currently serving in Umuahia. I teach English Language and Physics at a village school in Afugiri. It also brought me closer to the challenges rural farmers face over planting seasons. I immediately started working on solving these challenges so I could make them happy. So I remodelled TISA and started tísà- an agricultural care venture with the vision of helping farmers gain better return for investment and to also cautiously diversify the nation’s economy.

I applied for the British Council Enterprise Challenge and out of over 10,000 initiated applications, my startup was among the 20 that made it to the finals of the competition. It was a great boost, especially in morale.

The vision of tisa is to help farmers, most especially rural farmers, gain better return on investment. In Afugiri, I witness how much farmers put into farming. The end result is not usually favourable. With so much investment, in time, energy and finance, farmers usually get very little in return. Lots of their farm produce get wasted due to lack of storage and processing facilities, and middle men make off more gain than they do on the rest of the produce. I decided to visit the head of the female farmers in Afugiri and she poured out her heart to me. Each year presented tougher challenges to them. She was very frustrated. She invited me to meet with other women farmers during their townhall meeting. Sadly, I wasn’t able to do so, as I was in Lagos for the British Council Enterprise Challenge finals. I don’t know how, but I felt I could help farmers quench their frustration, and make them happy again.


Training my lenses on agriculture in tertiary institutions, several of the people who could help farmers either don’t practice agriculture after graduating or are simply jobless. With tisa, we can create more jobs in the agricultural sector and grow collaboratively to rebase Nigeria’s economic structure.  While I don’t support bad governance, I think young people should focus more on helping the country rather than feel the country owes them something.  There is a lot we can do together.

At the bootcamp, I learnt a lot more on entrepreneurship and lessons on navigating startups for success, especially in the areas of strategies, branding, finance and accounting, and sales and marketing. I also got to meet other entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who were either starting or already making great progress in their fields. The experience at the bootcamp is helping me remodel tisa to solve the agriculture problem, and I am committed to making this change in the agricultural sector and change the way Nigerians farm. I also hope to partner with other colleagues who are working on agriculture.


Being an entrepreneur is never easy, whether in new fields or in the face of crushing competition. You first have to make the bold decision of forgoing the more convenient path of being an employee or being self-employed. I’ve committed a good chunk of my years to learning. But the most important part is actually learning by doing. Trying and retrying until things come together. Never hesitating nor relenting. We can’t move forward if we’re afraid to fail or make mistakes. If you’re not getting pushed back, you’re not pioneering. And we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit. I have learnt a lot from my involvement in CrystalSpot, One African Child, StrictlyUI, Indypress, Swaliafrica, LLH, MIBF, MSSN UI, UITESWRITE, myschoolpodcast and a host of others. Volunteering has helped me a lot too. It helps to learn in real time and face real life challenges.

IMG_9666 - Copy_edit_edit_edit_edit

I’ve always wanted to be many things in life, a writer, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a football coach and so on. But then, in the end, I just want to help a lot of people. I want to help solve some of the world’s problems and put smiles on the faces of many people. It’s not going to be easy, but I hope to have fun doing it. And hope to have more friends who understand, have similar drives, and are willing to make that journey with me.

I am not where I hope to be, yet I am grateful that I have moved from where I used to be. I am also thankful to my family and friends who have been very supportive. I hope to make the most of life’s experiences and choose to see opportunities in challenges.

I have met awesome and inspiring people, I hope to meet more. One thing I have learnt is that, dreams do come true, if we have the will to pursue it. So; dream, dare, explore, do something, keep moving, don’t stop believing, never hesitate and never relent. Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.

Habeeb Kolade


Facebook: Habeeb Professorr X Kolade

Twitter: @Habeeb_X

LinkedIn: Habeebullah Kolade

Instagram: habeebkolade

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2016

More than ever,  women continue to contribute to social and economic development of their communities. How much more preparing our girls early to be the best for themselves,  their community and the society at large?


OneAfricanChild Foundation is committed to training and creating opportunities for girls to learn and be included in social transformation. We believe in training a girl child to influence a nation positively.


Life starts with the smile of a woman, grows with the care and Love of a woman, gains experience through the passion of a woman, shelters hope thanks to a woman, and owes a woman Beauty and Peace.


There is always a small voice, inside each of us, telling we are wonders and treasures; that undying harmony, turning differences into diversity and teaching us the night is a sweet step to the dawn, is the breath of a woman ~ René Ndebi (OAC Cameroon)


Today we celebrate girls and women from across the globe. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

Celebrating Lola Odeniyi on her birthday

Today, January 27, is a day to celebrate the birthday of one of us – a committed and diligent member of OneAfricanChild Foundation, Lola Odeniyi.

Lola has been so invaluable to our organisation. Words alone cannot describe how much of a blessing she has been to us.

We want some members of OAC to do the talking today and share with the world their encounters with Lola in few words.

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Rene Ndebi – Lola, first of all I see her as a sunshine, a smile that turns any sadness into blooming season. Secondly she’s like a junior sister to me; one I’m sure my late mum would’ve loved shelter in her wombs. A passionate woman whose greatness only has limits where time ends. L.O.L.A. = Love Only Love Always!

Chinyere – Okay where does one start to describe someone with a tiny frame, and a big heart?
A lady strong, not because of what her belly consumes, but because of her rich spiritual diet of faith, grace and Love.

A soul given out to serve and not be served?

How do I describe a friend like Omolola, and not get personal, with one who has been a blessing in my life?

That’s a difficult task, more like rocket science. But thank God for days, such as today, to celebrate a gem in my world.

Happy birthday to our very own Lola Odeniyi!

Bisola Adewale – ‘To a friend turned sister. Her passion for change and a better society inspires me. Her genuine love and concern for people is to be admired. She is a role model and I love her very much.’

Uju Silver – Nkem, is one of the brightest minds I have met. Her dedication and passion for service is an amazing quality. I remember our conversations and how passionate she is to effect change. Happy birthday Nkem. Much love

Habeeb Kolade – It’s so beautiful seeing woman go beyond the claim of entitlement to forge their own paths and affect positively, the lives of the people around them. Lola has not only proven in words that she has the undying passion to inspire progress among the people around her, but has acted in line with her passion. In a world full of noise, people like Lola taking courageous steps towards making progress are models for the society. I am honored to have worked with Lola both in One African Child and My School Podcast. She remains an inspiration to us all, in character and resilience. And I am learning a lot from our relationship in these areas. Happy birthday, Lola. Wish you the best, now and ever.

Tobi  Bamuyiwa  – Lola is a spirited lady.
She has a good heart with eyes that see past her glasses and hands that stir waters to sail a great ship called one African child foundation.
She’s gentle and welcoming. An example for others to follow when it comes to diligence, fellowship and spirituality.

Folakemi Olowu –  Lola is a sweet soul,a happy jolly going person.she is friendly and has a heart of gold….she is lovable and always ready to work.

Pemi Lawal – The word “sweet” describes Lola in every way. She is a great friend and sister. She is diligent, hardworking, creative and principled. She has a lot of love in her, and she does not hesitate to spread it. She has a Big heart and a Beautiful Smile. When I’m around Lola, I am always excited, she just has that effect on people. Most importantly, her relationship with God is inspiring. Lola is a Modern Proverbs 31 Lady in Flesh.

Paul Alasiri – Lola Odeniyi is a prayerful woman full of life and zeal to do whatever that’s good. I love the fact that she can go all out to stick her head for you if you’re making impact. I love the fact that she loves her fitness life and takes it serious.

Emmanuel Okeneye – A great friend,caring and awesome lady. Lola is full of life,amazing and compassionate abt improving lives. She has been part of lots of sucesses and had great impact in her own little way.I have known her a short while but I’m those periods I can say she deserves more. I wish her the very best of her new age. Happy Birthday.

Kachi  – I actually got into the Great Fam of OneAfricanChild through Lola Odeniyi, She is a Lively, God-fearing and awesome lady and has an energetic personality made up of Determination, Charisma and Smiles and I’m proud to be associated to her. Happy Birthday dearie, The sky is just the starting point, Live Long and Prosper.


Samuel Osho  – My first encounter with Lola was on the soft and invisible pages of Facebook; her posts were always inspiring and insightful. My love for writing led me to her blog, for a big treat. The blog is a true reflection of the greatness that lies in the bossom of Lola.

After years of existing as a distant admirer and fan, I had the privilege of meeting her one on one at one of OAC meetings in 2014 and we have being great friends ever since. Her humility and respect in her dealings with others is worthy of emulation. She is a woman of many parts who has a big heart not only for children but also for God – the main reason I was not surprised when she told me about World Hearts Connect Movement (WHCM).

Happy birthday to you, Lola Odeniyi! May God multiply His grace upon your life and enlarge your coast in Jesus name. Greater days ahead for you.


From all of us at OneAfricanChild Foundation, we are saying Happy birthday to you! We love you and we wish you many more years in fruitfulness and happiness!

Enjoy your day!

‘Read to Lead’ project set to hold in Metamorphosis College, Mowe

OneAfricanChild Foundation partners with Young Protege Leadership Foundation for a reading project in February 

Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France.
One of the greatest leaders of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte opined that the family of readers is the family of world movers. Readers are individuals who gain knowledge – they use the edge they have discovered on the pages of books to move the world to the next phase in life. Taking the world to the very edge of innovation and creativity at every single opportunity.
In the spirit of raising world movers, OneAfricanChild Foundation is happy to announce its partnership with Young Protege Leadership Foundation in organising the “Read to Lead” project scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2016 at Metamorphosis College, Mowe.

This project is aimed to support literacy and motivate pupils to cultivate a good reading culture. It will bring together primary and secondary school students to learn and get engaged in creative activities which include a reading session, sharing of experience by participants and facilitators and the projection of a motivational video.

At the end of the project, both organisations expect to have inspired the children to take an interest in reading  and see a reason to aspire for the highest educational qualifications.

Read to Lead
As we believe strongly in learning coupled with empowerment, OneAfricanChild Foundation will also be donating some reading materials centred on Global Citizenship Education.
The time for the event is 10 am prompt.
For Partnerships and Sponsorship, please send us a mail via: or contact Abisola Adewale on +234 806 533 6178.

World Heart Connect Movement

This week we happy to share about a new initiative launched by a member of OneAfricanChild Foundation, Ms. Lola Odeniyi, Founder of World Hearts Connect Movement (WHCM).


WHCM carried out its first project on the 8th of October 2015 with the theme “Mailing God”. This project has blessed the lives of over 100 kids who were taught about strengthening their relationship and communication with God so that they can grow up to be responsible and fulfil the purpose of God for their lives.


Ms. Odeniyi was inspired by the movie ‘Letters to God’. Her desire is to bring young people closer to God and realise the true purpose for their creation. Part of the project implementation was the distribution of free Bibles, and provision of mail boxes in schools to encourage the kids to write to God on anything bothering them and then we return to their schools to address these mails (in strict confidentiality).


This program was held in a primary and secondary in Okwuzi community in Rivers state. 

Lola Odeniyi:

I really can’t begin to explain how God moved in this program. From the worship and prayer session with the kids, to the interactive session, to the movie session (where the kids watched an animation on the love of God), to the Question and answer session, to the games, to the edibles, to the Bible distribution and much more, IT WAS PACKED!

These kids were so excited and many of them didn’t want to go home even after the program, we were on with pictures and more pictures. 
Basically, we not only felt the love of God move but He stayed with us and still is.



THE VOICE OF AN AFRICAN CHILD #1africanchild #poetry #children #Africa

In the heart of Nigeria, shines a light that was born from the wombs of Mother Africa. The sense of Hope and Faith. That light is called Emmanuel Fada, a young leader and a 17 years old scholar of Jumpstart Academy, Nigeria. He is passionate about Writing and Drama. Emmanuel finds great pleasure in impacting lives of African children and youths. He desires to be an African leader, a resource person and an outstanding movie producer in the near future.

Emmanuel Fada, the vision of a young poet.
Emmanuel Fada, the vision of a young poet.

Emmanuel has a word from his soul, and he decides to share it with your soul. Here he goes:

The Voice of an African Child

I am confused… I am fed up…
How I wish papa could give this a stop
Though Mama tries and so hard
Having us just a meal per day, Oh how sad
For good clothings and shelter, I doubt if we will ever come across
I doubt tide ever helps carry this heavy cross
Well, this is our fate
Is there anything to celebrate?
In the humiliated lives of these eight to grow
Including my very self and the poor widow
We are subject to hate and baits
Seeking for freedom where derision reigns
Oh poor hands of mine, seeing off my sibling
That young life in the bed of sickness shivering
Oh, subconsciously I am echoing out my thoughts
(Sigh) I am not surprised at why Mama thinks a lot
I feel upon us
Poverty is like a curse
And blessing seems hollow nurse
But thanks to papa I learnt to yield grace
And I dug mud and earth for money to be raised
And my heart suffered as my siblings begged for food
When my mind was begging for school
I wait for the course of the wind to change
I hope today is the day before the change

Mama! Mama!
The fire has boiled the herbs well
We can now treat my sister
So that she will be well.

Emmanuel believes in simplicity and justice, and he knows, as a prophecy, that Africa shall rise again and stand strong. His word is a call. Do not listen to him, but listen to your own soul; you shall then understand the need of Africa. The need of a wonderful future for children.