As part of the one year anniversary celebration, One African Child Ibadan had a mentorship programme at Jumpstart Academy at Bodija. Ibadan.


Jumpstart Academy, Bodija, Ibadan a place for all was the point of call. Jump start academy is a place that houses students from several schools in an after school hour kind of programme, skills and different trades are learnt at no cost.

Love Out Loud Africa, LOL-A


a United States of America based organisation partnered and sponsored the event. 

_The programme featured a filmshow with a film titled THE LOST MEDALLION.




The film portrayed the need for unity towards a common goal and to defeat the enemy. The film also helped to relate messages such as Unity and Peace, need for good leadership amongs several other important messages which they took home individually.

The children were also divided into smaller groups


to aid One to One mentorship to ensure better communication, to make them feel free and express themselves.

Do you know there are people out there who just need you to say a word or two to them and they are fulfilled for their lifetime? What do you have that you think is too small to impact into someone else? Try to meet someone today and you’ll be shocked that your “too small” may be somebody’s excess.

Your speech, your facial expression can make or mar someone’s day.

_The mentorship programme had support from several people and we would love to show appreciation most especially to all our mentors who volunteered to be part of the programme, to our friends around the globe and our ever ready partner LOL-A, Love Out Lout Africa for their advise, monetary supports and encouragement. We say thank You, Gracias, Merci beaucoup  …




Food is  also needed to function
Supru doing what he does best


Tosin and co. celebrating LOL-A


Mentorship in progress



To our One African Mummy we say more Inspiration to you as you have begun the journey of a new birth year. We love you all. We wish you a HAPPY AND fulfilling 2015

Together we all can make Africa the best place to live in. Togetherness is the bedrock of greatness.



OAC Lagos visits Makoko Anglican Nursery and Primary School #Africa #Children #Volunteering

MrT, The Mind beyond the time...
MrT, The Mind beyond the time…

OneAfricanChild Lagos conducted by Tobi “MrT” Bamuyiwa initiated a visit to Makoko Nursery and Primary School in Lagos, Nigeria.

Getting to know Makoko:

Makoko Informal Settlement Makoko, Coordinates: 6°29′44″N 3°23′39″E Country: Nigeria, State: Lagos State LGA Lagos Mainland, Location: Makoko, Settled 18th century, Population  • Total 85,840

Makoko is a slum neighborhood located in Lagos, Nigeria. At present its population is considered to be 85,840; however, the area was not officially counted as part of the 2007 census and the population today is estimated to be much higher. Established in the 18th century primarily as a fishing village, much of Makoko rests in structures constructed on stilts above Lagos Lagoon. Today the area is essentially self-governing with a very limited government presence in the community and local security being provided by area boys. In July 2012, Nigerian government officials destroyed dozens of residences after giving residents 72 hours notice of eviction. One resident was killed in the action. Lagos may continue the destruction of this historic community in order to redevelop what is now seen as prime waterfront.

Makoko Nursery and Primary School:

Welcome to Makoko School
Welcome to Makoko School

It is located at 25, Makoko Road, Yaba Lagos. State Owned School Strength Boys:329 Girls:330 Total: 659

THE VISIT ITSELF: wpid-IMG-20141211-WA003.jpg It is an easy task to reach Makoko when we read the instructions dropped by Tobi MrT.

MrT, The Mind beyond the time...
MrT, The Mind beyond the time…

« The event is scheduled to hold at Makoko community in Lagos. It’s located in yaba and one can easily get there on bike. Once you drop at yaba, board a bike to Makoko. The school is not too far from the junction as you can walk to the place. It’s Makoko Anglican nursery and primary school.» Olowu “Highness” Fola

Fola with an angel smile
Fola with an angel smile

and Seun Yusuf

Dynamic Seun
Dynamic Seun

both joined Tobi for that noble achievement. With such great souls and happy hearts, only a success could be their end partner. wpid-IMG-20141211-WA004.jpgwpid-IMG-20141211-WA008.jpg Children were very happy and welcoming. Our three friends MrT, Highness, and Seun brightened the day of those children and eased the issues of their teachers and coaches, with the school materials they bought and offered. They succeeded raising enough funds.

MrT and school officials
MrT and school officials
Seun and officials
Seun and officials
Fola and officials
Fola and officials
The reward after a noble task: an angel smile.
The reward after a noble task: an angel smile.

It is always a delight to make a child smile, and once more OAC through the dynamism of the Lagos Branch, has proven to be ready for our children to have a wonderful future. We thank all of you who directly and indirectly took part to that event and made it successful. OneAfricanChild is One big Family and each Branch has a vital importance; however small your contribution to a child’s daily happiness can be, be sure that it is the greatest of all gifts. Thank you Tobi, Fola, Seun! Thank you OneAfricanChild Lagos! Thank you OAC Nigeria! Thank you OAC International! Thank you Victoria Ibiwoye!

Victoria Ibiwoye, The Rainbow Heart.
Victoria Ibiwoye, The Rainbow Heart.
The banner of Hope.
The banner of Hope.

TO OTA WITH LOVE (A Report on OAC’S Visit to the IJAMIDO Children Home, OTA, OGUN STATE)

Proud OACians

On the invitation of Miss Nikola Sasurova, a UNICEF volunteer from Czech Republic, OACians from Ibadan paid a visit to one of the oldest children homes around in Nigeria.

Ijamido Children’s Home was founded by an American, Chief (Mrs) Irene V Liloughby, in 1958, to care for children abandoned at birth and who have no one to cater for them. The home has 123 children in residence; babies, toddlers and pupils of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions of learning. The children stay in the Home until they reach adulthood because the Home does not allow adoption.

With a team of seven, OAC Ibadan left the University to be joined by OAC representatives from Lagos, Mr Tobi Bamuyiwa and Miss Folakemi Olowu, at the Ota home of the orphaned and abandoned kids. The team was well received by both the caretakers of the home and the UNICEF representatives.

Smiles… to keep our children warm.
Fun is all children need to grow better and safer!!!
Children listen to those who understand them.
Unity is the key to a wonderful dawn for our children.
Children have so much to show. Just let them teach us how to follow them.
No blessing is above a child’s happiness!
Our attitude determines the altitude of children’s happiness. Let us join our efforts.
Always stand for children!
Sharing… sharing… sharing…
It is our responsibility to make our children happy. We have to answer any of their calls at any time.

The visit was quickly kicked off with meeting with the children within the age brackets of 10 and 1. The team engaged them in fun-filled activities as we tried to brighten their day with beautiful stories, while also trying to add more value to their lives by engaging in games that promote friendship, teamwork and interpersonal relationships. The moments shared with the children can only be told by the excitement shown on their faces. Through their eyes, we could see the broken jigsaws in their puzzles and how they were all endeavouring to fix them, both with the help of the home and their own resolve to stay happy despite their challenges. The children were not as timid as might be expected; they freely expressed themselves only after a little familiarization process by the OAC team. With Tosin leading the programmes, we were quick to form circles and fun and bonding were the results of the activities. Later on, Victoria had a chat with the kids while some of the OAC team members, specifically Tobi, Folakemi, Habeeb and Tosin moved to talk with the children who were in their adolescence.

Men and Women at the same table with the same share. No discrimination in our Future!
To achieve the best with what we have where we are is the ground-root of self-actualization.
Great hearts look alike…

The kids were undergoing a training session before the team arrived and were a little tired so we had the problem of reigniting their interest. However, they were equally receptive as they freely participated in the activities that were introduced. We got them to talk about their aspirations and what they were doing to ensure that their dreams come true. Some who wanted to become singers came out to render beautiful songs a cappella and everyone loved the passion they put into it. We talked to our children about adding values to another’s life and why they need to sustain the affection and outreach that the founder of the home has offered them. We told them why they needed to care more about the people around them and why they were equally as important as everyone else in the creation of better societies for humankind .We reiterated that the little things they did to the people around them counts a lot and that the accumulation of such things are what makes a difference to the world. So they should keep the intensity of doing good, sharing love and staying positive as well as affecting the people around them positively. The children asked a few questions which were duly answered.

Smile to a child and his Father will smile to you.
You cannot spread fun if you don’t have it yourself! Children multiply by a thousand each feeling they see us show.
ARE YOU READY TO JOIN OUR FAMILY? All we need is your smile!

As we rounded off our visit, Mr Kola of VWAN (Voluntary Work Camps Association of Nigeria) walked in. VWAN was the host of the two white volunteers, one from Czech and the other from Finland; he was very appreciative of our visit and praised his OAC team. He added that he was ready to support us in his full capacity and revealed that there were several international opportunities that could be tapped into by the organization. He added that the sustained excellence of the organization would catapult to bigger levels where offers from across the world would be tendered to work with the organization and the visions of the organization properly met. He also talked about exchange programmes that were available to volunteers as people who were interested in such charitable works are needed across the world.

In the end, he told to team to stay connected to VWAN so as to closely monitor opportunities that might result thereof and also said that the association was willing to support OAC and should be carried along as at when due.

The team bid farewell to the home after a short meeting with the caretaker of the home. The man thanked the team for taking out their time to connect with the kids and also prayed that such efforts would continually yield fruits.

Habeeb Kolade

Head of Editorials, One African Child.

MAY 27 – A world of Children and humanity

It is always so beautiful to do something nice for just about anyone. Think about an act of love such as helping an elderly person across the street, giving a little child some sweet candy or even spending quality time with other people doing things we love. That is truly beautiful.


This past children’s day, OneAfricanChild celebrated the moment with hundreds of children at the Silverbird galleria, Lagos.
It was a fun moment as the organisation had their own stand inside of the galleria alongside other companies such as Lacasera, Chivita, Keystone Bank, Enterprise Bank, One Care, MTN and many others who were all gathered with the motive of ensuring that the kids have an exciting and memorable day.

OneAfricanChild is an organisation established to educate and empower children on the essence of being young and African.


The activities planned out for children were both fun and educative as there was free face paintings for the kids, a quiz competition and so many give away items.

The moment was not only limited to children having fun, it was also an opportunity to bring to the knowledge of their parents/guardian what difference Oneafricanchild is making in the lives children.

Their was a brief educative session where children and younger adults got to learn a bit more about Oneafricanchild, about what good we stand to promote as humans, serving humanity.


There was also an interactive session where we asked what children’s day meant each child. This event was another good opportunity aside our campaign on social media, to lend our voice for the return of the over 200 abducted girls in Borno State, Nigeria. Parents and children alike expressed their feelings towards this situation and spoke in affirmation for the return of these girls to their families.

At OneAfricanChild, we recognise that all children regardless of race, religion or sex are important and deserve the freedom of education and the enjoyment of peace while learning. Our children will learn only what we show them. We must say NO to violence and continue to promote one love and unity.


OneAfricanChild’s Children’s Day outing was sponsored by Pulse TV, TVC and G-14 Photography.

Many thanks to the management of Silverbird Galleria for the great opportunity to impart.

Special thanks to our celebrity guests. The presence of Skales, Olawale (current winner of MTN project fame) and Mr Nigeria 2014 made the event interesting.

It was indeed a memorable event. Together, we will do much more for our children!

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A lot of us have seen the many happenings around us and then we have seen quiet greatly a good amount of things we want to change. Sometimes, we just easily resign when we begin to look at ourselves and feel incapable of doing those things like ensuring water runs in all taps, by ensuring there is constant power supply, by ensuring that education is really free, ensuring our roads are great, ensuring that government officials work more efficiently without corruption amongst many others. 

There are a lot of things we all want to change in this environment, especially ones that create more comfort for us or those ones that border on our immediate needs.
But we at One African Child believe greatly that each of us can bring that much needed change to the society. We believe that young men and women like you and us should be willing to lead one another to greatness, no matter how little any individual is. 

So in achieving these dreams, education is greatly important; because education is what provides us the knowledge to do great stuffs. You might be hugely talented to do one thing or the other but without education many of us remain as crude as coal waiting to be polished into diamonds. So, we must begin to take into more importance the value of education in our lives.


Many of us, I know, face a lot of challenges as students that hinder us from doing great. Many of us have one problem or the other from home that we try to tackle every morning that we wake up. Many of us do not even know what we might eat tomorrow, what we might wear the coming week and some of us are even having an hard time having a place to sleep or time to sufficiently read our books. Many of us have great problems that want to weigh us down from doing great. But it is a choice that we have to make today whether we want to float or sink. It is our choice whether we want to fall or survive!
So if you believe in yourself and think you can make it, Say I WILL SURVIVE!!

But it is not enough to just survive. Though it is the first step! At One African Child, we believe that that change that each and every one of us want in the society can only be created by each of us, not any other person. We believe that you can be anything you want to be and can create answers to the numerous problems that we face today. We believe that right from now, you can determine how great the future would be and decide if you want the next generation to complain of the same problems or we want them to enjoy more benefits and be happy that they are born Nigerians.


We need to stop complaining. Ask yourself, when a bucket begins to leak, do you sit at a corner complaining about the leaking bucket or should you stand up to mend it? When you clothe gets torn, is it going to repair itself when you sit somewhere and complain about it? No! You have to do something. If you want to be the cloth, you must be ready to change it for good by either sewing it yourself or taking it to the tailor.

The fact is, the government of tomorrow is sitting amidst you here, and if all through your growth, all you do is do nothing, how do you hope to make the change when you finally get the power.
We must believe in the change that we can make. We must be ready to stand up from our adversities. We must begin to act more than we talk. We must believe that the future is in our hands and we can determine how good we want it to look, God-willing.

So if you believe that you can lead Nigeria to its greatness, say YES I CAN!!!!!


But we cannot achieve this alone by just saying it. There are a lot of stuffs that we need as tools to help us change the face of Africa for good. These include studying well in secondary school, coming early to school, taking your assignments very seriously, and reading a lot of things, both the books required in school and those outside it. We can only create change by first empowering ourselves so we can empower others. We must begin now to train ourselves, to motivate ourselves, to work hard, to listen to our teachers, to spend more time doing productive things, things that help build us and not things that destroy us.

So right now, you have to stop thinking about the present and concentrate on how best you can create a great future. You have to understand that the challenges you’re facing now are not enough to hinder you to do great things to become great people. Because it is not about where you started from, it is about where you are heading for and how much you want to get there. It is for you to decide how great you want your future to become. Do you want to be remembered as someone who worked hard in school and became a great achiever in a particular field or you want to be forgotten as one of those who barely had anything to add to life.


We thus have to understand that our future starts now and the consequences of the decisions you make today are going to define the picture of your tomorrow. The things that you do today are what will shape your tomorrow. And top of that priority is having a good education and remaining focused to succeed.
Because the future of Africa can only be made better by the African Child!


By Habeeb Kolade

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Sifting through the pages of history, checking the ranks of excellence and strolling down the walkways of life, the sparkling insignia of education which was affixed to the names of heroes and heroines caught my attention. The new generation beholds the illustrious works of great men and women who dared to make the world a better place. They read the squiggling of sages on the parchments of history in a bid to drink from the wellsprings of knowledge the ancients used as the source of their strength. Inasmuch as the antediluvian era celebrated men who championed the tempestuous course of freedom and upheld the thorny pillars of justice, they all took three square meals on the table of education.

Africa – the home of Kings and Queens

Education can simply be defined as the act of acquiring and imparting knowledge through teaching and learning. Education is an embodiment of literacy and competence. School and institutions serve as restaurants were individuals feast on the tasty meals of knowledge given by teachers and lecturers. Literacy is the ability to read and write and this shows the thick line between illiterates and literates. In Africa, it is believed that once you possess the capacity to read and write, then you are literate and you are better off than the meager farmers in the village who could hardly write their own names. Is that the essence of education? Competence is the ability to do something well; a doing which is as a result of knowledge gained through learning or training. When seeds of literacy and competence are planted in the deepest soils of the mind of an individual, the mind becomes an educated one. Competence is what assists an individual to thrive in a world ruled by the law of competition.

Be the Changer

Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. What is the essence of amassing knowledge without applying it? Why will you burn night candles to get a distinction in Biology and yet you don’t have a good personal hygiene? Why study Chemistry and yet you don’t know how dangerous petrol could be? It is pathetic to see youths in their numbers who are proud to be First Class graduates but yet cannot do anything with what they claim to have learnt. It is frustrating to see students extol literacy and denigrate competency. Some technicians who have never been to the four walls of an institution are miles ahead of some so-called engineers in terms of providing viable solutions to problems. Good enough if you can read or write English language, a five year old in Manchester should be able to do that brilliantly. There is more to education than wearing a three-piece suit and sitting in an air-conditioned office.

change 3
Dare to be different

Nelson Mandela in his words described education as the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. In other words education gives you an empowerment which makes you an instrument of change. If you claim to be educated and you are not responsible for a positive change, then you have to check your status. When you gain knowledge, it sets you free from the shackles of ignorance and it empowers you to help others in your sphere of influence. When you are well informed; you evade some precarious situations. Positive changes have been experienced over the years in different sectors of life because of the involvement of educated individuals.

Education has no doubt aided invention which resulted into modern day civilization and technology. The competence inscribed by education on the hearts of young minds gave birth to an unquenchable curiosity which made them unparalleled inventors of all times. American prolific inventor, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Scottish scientist, Alexander Graham Bell made communication easy with telephones, the Wright brothers made a mockery of the law of gravity with their high-flying planes and Karl Benz of Germany solved the challenge of transportation with automobiles. These inventions solved problems bedeviling the world; hence they changed the world with flaming torches of education which they held firm in their hands on the podium of excellence.

Be the world changer from your locality
Be the world changer from your locality

The effect of education in the area of leadership cannot be overemphasized. According to John C. Maxwell, an American author and orator, “Leadership is influence”. Majority of world leaders that are educated have exuded great intelligence when it comes to leadership, this has helped them to influence their followers in a positive way. Such leaders were able to make good decisions which were able to take their countries in the right direction towards success. American President, Franklin Roosevelt exhibited mental prowess and mettle which was enough to see America through the World War II. India still recalls the conscientious efforts of the pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism in British-ruled India, Mahatma Gandhi. The literate voices of Nelson Mandela penetrated the thickets of apartheid in South Africa until victory was achieved. The leadership of these educated minds changed the world.

Education creates a good atmosphere which enhances a civic-minded followership. This type of followership will yield constructive criticisms which are capable of detecting any kind of subterfuges that their leaders might employ. This is the reason why American Presidential Debates play key roles in whom emerges as the winner of the election. The Presidential Debate in America has more glamour than Nigeria’s Presidential Debate (if one exists) because of the sharp contrast in the literacy level of both countries. Leaders will be on their toes if their followers are well educated about Politics, Civic rights and core issues of governance. Education is powerful! It is capable of pulling down nebulous empires built by tyrants.

It begins with YOU
It begins with YOU

You can be the change you wish to see if you will maximize the knowledge you have to provide pertinent solutions to problems in your vicinity. Apply the knowledge you have acquired and be a quintessence of wisdom. When we fail to apply the knowledge, we simply deny education its changing power. The true essence of education in life is to be a change, a problem solver and a shining light that chase darkness into obscurity.


PASSION- The needed driver towards a fulfilling destiny…

The first set of drivers in life are Mothers, they drive us almost through our years of childhood. However, PASSION drives us through out lifetime towards fulfillment.

The fourth most prolific inventor in history, Thomas Alva Edison wowed the world with his momentous findings; the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long lasting practical electric light bulb. The American inventor also called the “Wizard of Menlo Park” has a story which is termed as inspiring and used by motivational speakers of all times. The story of his invention of the electric light bulb reached its climax when it was reported that he tried over 6000 different carbonized plant fibres, looking for a carbon filament for his light bulb. Trying for six thousand (6000) times epitomizes a passion driven man at work with sole goal of providing a lasting solution to the problem of darkness. Passion is that gentle voice that tells you that you can soar high like an Eagle even when you don’t have a wing. His passion gave birth to the LIGHT BULB. A saying goes thus; “Necessity is the father of invention” but I would say that passion is the mother of invention. Inventions were conceived by great men after a successful intercourse between passion and necessity.

As the underdeveloped nation, Nigeria revels in the loch of Cetennial celebration there is a need for sober reflection as we chart a new course for sustainable change. What makes Nigeria an underdeveloped nation is the overwhelming presence of problems. These problems need pertinent solutions generated by great minds. Passion is needed in key sectors in order to have a developed Nigeria. The sectors include leadership, teaching, parenting, and entrepreneurial relations amongst many others.

According to the undying words of John C. Maxwell which says that; “Leadership is influence”. Leadership directly affects the growth of any organization. Great revolutionaries of all time; Martin Luther King Jnr, Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln amongst many others left footprints in the sands of time because they led with passion. Passion overshadows every trace of egocentricity and corruption. If our leaders are passion driven leaders and not position-oriented leaders then the country will experience tremendous growth in all sectors. If there are passion-driven teachers, they would go to any extent to impact and change lives and then we will produce more Nobel laureate winners and world changing agents. Youths will learn to follow their passion in life and aim to be the best in whatever they do. Take for instance the recent collapse of buildings in Nigeria depicts the dearth of zeal in workers to do an excellent job. There is a need to have passion as entrepreneurs and workers; passion to provide authentic goods and services to consumers. Family is the basic unit of the society; this is the place where leaders are made. There is a need for parents to show love in dealings with their children. Teach them the tenets of greatness with passion having the insight that saving a youth is tantamount to saving a generation.

In a nation where corruption is the order of the day, what more can I ask for than passion intoxicated individuals; passion driven leaders, teachers and workers. Passion for a significant positive change will lead us in the path of developed nations.

I ask for a PASSION driven pioneers, leaders and inventors in the cockpit of several initiatives as we are on course for a memorable expedition towards destiny.


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