#OneAfricanChild – Participant at the Tech Camp West Africa #TechCampWA

We are proud to announce that OneAfricanChild was a participant at the recently concluded Tech Camp organised by the U.S Embassy Ghana, in collaboration with Ghana Think which was held at Accra Ghana between February 6 – 8, 2015.

TechCamp is a U.S. Department of State-led program that connects civil society organizations across the globe with new and emerging technology resources, to solve problems in their communities. TechCamps globally are typically a one to two day conference where participants share current challenges they are facing with peers and technologists, and brainstorm how technology can play a role in addressing these challenges. This event also include experts and technologist-led hands-on training sessions IMG_0711, enabling participants to learn how to use the technological tools that can help advance their work. Please note our intention is to keep TechCamp 100% paperless.

The purpose of #TechCampWA is first, to bring together accomplished young entrepreneurs IMG_0640with government, academic, civil society and business experts to focus on three themes to strengthen and grow their businesses: Adapt, Empower and Measure. Second, to provide a meaningful platform for hands-on capacity-building. Finally, the event aims to foster collaboration as well as to build and strengthen social, private and tech entrepreneurs’ professional networks.

       OAC, duly represented by Ms. Victoria Ibiwoye Vicky herself, is a proud beneficiary of this TechCamp which hosted approximately 100 of the best and brightest private and social entrepreneurs from Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Liberia, and Togo.

Sharing her experience at the camp, Victoria had this to say –

       It felt really good to have my servant leadership recognised internationally. It was a delight to have benefited from this platform, to express the mission and goals of our Organisation to a group of changemakers, who are taking the necessary steps to make Africa more sustainable to live in.

       The camp has done well in improving my leadership skills. I have learnt a lot from the Speed Mentoring Pep Talks facilitated by experts in the field of Technology; other sessions such as the Most Valuable Process(MVP), and the Jam Sessions have equally been beneficial. They paved way for me to work in a team with other participantsTwImg-20150209-134204 IMG-20150211-WA001; building valuable relationships by so doing.

       The best part of my visit was the privilege I had to meet amazing children Vicky and kidssuch as David, Delali and Samira IMG_2958who are learning to use technology at a tender age in solving real world problem. It was a positive challenge to my organisation to implement more projects focused on teaching children about the correct application of technology in enhancing sustainable development.

       My appreciation goes out the organisers and sponsors of this programme, the participants of the Tech Camp, members and supporters of OAC. You always make my favourite quote come alive –

Ubuntu, I am because we are“.